10 Simple Things Healthy Girls Do Every Day


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We all try to be as healthy as possible, and I get it. That extra cup of coffee, extra twenty minutes of sleep, or watching just one more episode on Netflix when its midnight is SO tempting. We all hope to live a healthy lifestyle. But it can be hard some days, so here are 10 simple things you should do every day to be healthy! It’ll get easier, we promise!

1. Drink hot lemon water

Warm lemon water flushes the digestive system and hydrates your body. You’ve been asleep for the past eight hours, and you need to replenish the water that your body has used. The lemon is mostly for taste. But the Vitamin C also adds a little immune boost and is good for your skin!

2. Break a sweat

Exercise is an important part of any healthy day. The morning is the best time for it will provide you with more energy for later on! However, if you don’t have time for a full cardio and resistance training workout, try ten minutes of yoga, or walking/biking to work!

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3. Skincare

Healthy girls do not ever skip their skincare routine. They take skin seriously. Be sure to wash twice a day with a gentle cleanser and then moisturize however is best for your skin, whether that’s a cream, oil, or combination!

4. Skip that extra cup of coffee

I get it, I’m not a functioning human without my morning cup either. But instead of reaching for that second and third mug, try switching it out for an antioxidant–packed mug of green tea!

5. Eat slowly and without distractions

It takes your stomach 20 minutes to tell your brain that you’re full. Plus, if you’re eating passively, you don’t get to enjoy your food! For that reason, don’t eat while watching TV, and don’t eat out of a jar or bag. Put only what you intend to eat in a plate or bowl and really try to taste and enjoy what you’re eating!

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6. Eat salmon

Salmon is a superfood with tons of health benefits! It’s amazing for your skin, provides healthy protein with little fat, and is packed with omega-3s! However, if you don’t like fish, you can take fish oil supplements. But nothing beats getting it straight from the actual source!

7. Practice intermittent fasting

Basically, a fancy word for don’t eat late at night. If you plan on waking up at 8 am, don’t eat anything after 8 pm. You won’t be using many calories while you sleep. So any late-night snacks will be turned into fat instead of burned while you sleep. Plus, by going longer without food, your body switches to fat burning mode while you sleep instead!

8. Make a gratitude list

A healthy mind and attitude create a healthy body. Take time in your day to reflect and think about all you have to be grateful for. One way to do it is to buy a small notebook or journal and write down one thing every single day, then you can go back and read all the things you’ve written!

9. Take time to be quiet and meditate

Meditation has an insane amount of health benefits from boosting your immune system, making you more emotionally resilient, and increases self-awareness, acceptance, and overall happiness.

10. Get your beauty sleep

Getting 6 hours or less per night is linked to getting sick, higher stress levels, weight gain, less ability to focus, and more frequent breakouts. Therefore, close your laptop and put your phone down, it’s time to get some Zzz’s! However, if you’re having trouble, try a hot cup of lemon water or tea and read a physical book.

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