10 Simple Tips For Being Super Productive At Work


You want to improve your productivity at work but you’ve heard it all before. Not to worry, there are some little-known tips and tricks to boost productivity, and we’re about to let you in on the secret with our top 10 ways to improve productivity at work.

1. Escape the hustle and bustle

The secret to improving productivity at work? Headphones. Unsuitable for some jobs for safety reasons but a great hack for the office, headphones let you drown out the ambient noise and enter your own laser-focused world.

Try this bullet journal system to boil your day down to the top things you need to do and become more focused.

2. Let your inner thoughts out

Simply write (with a pen and paper) for 60 seconds. That’s it. Write what you’re thinking, what you’re feeling, and don’t think about it.

Write in a stream-of-consciousness (without editing or forethought) each day when you arrive to work to release stress and improve productivity. Find out how to use a planner to organize your day in ten minutes here.

3. Try the 4-7-8 method

Yes, we know you already do this, but taking deep and controlled breaths can actually lower your cortisol levels and release a burst of serotonin. Simply breathe in for a count of 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds and then release for 8 seconds.

Do this whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed and you should notice an immediate difference. Plus, if you need a few tips to help you deal with stress, look no further than here.

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4. Don’t try to be Superwoman

Many people think that multitasking saves time by allowing you to complete more than one task at a time. However, trying to do more than one thing can lead to increased stress and can lower the quality of both tasks.

So, it’s always better to tackle things one at a time. What you need to do is organize your day and learn how to create an edited daily to-do list.

5. Go and talk to someone

The workplace isn’t usually a place thought to be an overly social environment, but having short conversations with your work buddies can help to reduce stress, especially when tackling heavy workloads.

6. Smile for longer

It’s scientifically proven that smiling can actually make you happier, and happy people are more productive. So…smile. Smile at your colleagues, at yourself, at pictures of cute puppies and anything else you want.

7. Be a little crazy

Despite popular opinion, talking to yourself is actually incredibly healthy. It’s a way of expressing yourself. If you’re inclined to mutter under your breath or talk at other people, just do it. Holding in it can increase stress levels.

8. Be yourself

It sounds silly, but a lot of people tend to have a ‘work persona’. Being yourself is much more relaxing than trying to impress people with your professionalism, so let your personality shine (within reason, of course).

9. Give yourself a break

We don’t mean literally take a break, although you should do this too. We mean don’t be as hard on yourself for making mistakes, missing deadlines and generally not being perfect.

Choose to accept, embrace and overcome obstacles rather than fret about them as decreased stress will improve productivity at work. Learn to let go and focus on the habits of happy people instead.

10. Do what you love

We know it’s not always that simple, but choosing a job you actually enjoy is a big step towards increasing productivity and overall wellbeing. Find out how to be successful in life according to your personality type here.


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