10 Steps To Radically Change Your Life


Life isn’t a series of steps. It doesn’t pat you on the back or congratulate your hard work, and sometimes you do step in dog poo, or get soaked by a passing bus in the pouring rain. It just happens. In a lot of ways, life happens to us. But you know what makes a difference? Deciding that YOU happened to life. Deciding that when the chips are down, you’re still gonna lace up your boxing gloves and give life your best swing.

We believe that anything you want, you can achieve it. With the right mindset, the right tools, and just the right amount of kick-ass mentality, no goal is too hard, no obstacle too high. So what do you want from life? Think about it. It’s time to get tough with yourself; you need to think about who you are and where you’re headed. What do you really want? How are you going to happen to life (and make sure life knows about it, too)?

1. Seek out your purpose

Why were you put on this earth? What can you bring to the table that one hundred other people can’t? There has to be something that defines you, and once you figure that out, that’s your power.

Start by listing the things you love, things that excite you, and the things that you’re passionate about, use the ikigai diagram here to figure out how all those things can be combined to give you your purpose.

2. Map out your vision

They say vision boards are powerful. There’s a reason for that. Seeing and visualizing where you want to be in three, five, and ten years is important for your journey. You’ll know exactly where you want to be and how to get there if you have a visual representation of it somewhere you can easily access.

Try to stay away from specific concepts, you can put a flashy car on your vision board if you really feel like you’re going to save up and achieve that goal – but by creating a board of the kind of life you want, you’ll feel more empowered to stick to those deadlines and manage your time.

3. Be the CEO of your own life

Like we said, life isn’t waiting for you. You are responsible for everything that happens to you and for the things that happen in your life. You need to be the CEO and boss (and hero) of your own damn life and get up and make things happen for yourself.

4. Let go of other people’s opinions

Throughout your life, people will have opinions. You can’t do much to change that, but you can let it go. People will think things about what you’re doing, people will make judgments about you based on first impressions, people will hate you – especially if you’re working towards your own success. But, if you learn to let go of what people think, you will be in the right mindset for success. The only opinion that matters is yours.

5. Write a bucket list

Most people write bucket lists or New Years Resolutions, which are okay, but the problem is they are often a random collection of ideas that don’t bring you any closer to who you want to be.

Write up your bucket list now and align it with your core values and objectives. That way, you know what you want to achieve for you, not just because you saw it on a Pinterest board.

6. Change the way you talk about yourself

Okay, you’ve got goals, dreams, and skills. But do you use passive or negative language to talk about them? Do you say, “It’s hard,” or “I have no time,” or “I’m okay at it, I could be better,”?

If so, stop that right now. This language directly opposes your goals and undermines your abilities. Start conditioning yourself to think that it’s easy, you’re capable, you can do anything, and magic happens when you put your mind to it. If you believe in yourself, it will happen.

7. Bring some smart daily habits into your life

To be the best version of yourself, you need to bring out the best in yourself every day. That means you need to eat healthily, work out, do your best, and make sure your habits are smart. To do this, edit your daily routine and think about what you should include to make each day a good one. P.S you can always use the Getting Stuff Done planner to create the perfect day.

7. Shrink your comfort zone

Every day you should work on shrinking your comfort zone. Scared of traveling by yourself? Book a solo coach to another city. Scared of public speaking? Sign up for a slam poetry class. You need to shrink that comfort zone until it can basically fit around your ankle, until there’s nothing you’re ‘too afraid’ to do, besides the things that make sense (like endangering your life).

8. Love yourself

There was a time when ‘she loves herself’ was an insult. People thought that loving yourself makes you big-headed.

But that’s not the case anymore. Now, loving yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself. Feel deserving of everything that comes your way, look after yourself, and really love who you are and what you do.

9. Remember to take it step by step

There is more than one way to get ahead. Take it step by step, Beyonce didn’t start out as the megastar that she is today, did she? No, she walked a long road from her first gigs to where she is today. Good things take time, and nothing happens overnight. The minute you realize that your life will change.

10. Trust in fate

It sounds wishy-washy, but things happen for a reason. Count your blessings, and think about the strange coincidences that have led you to where you are. If you trust in fate, you will come to see bad things as just things that happened for a reason. Life would be different if things so far hadn’t added up the way that they have.

You need to learn to work with fate, and not against it. Look for signs that things are happening for a reason, the people who come and go from your life do so for a reason, the opportunities that open up for you are because of fate, you have to work hard to take them.


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