10 Things To Do Before You Begin Your Week

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Monday might be the most stressful day of the week, but you don’t have to suffer. On Monday, you want to feel refreshed, relaxed and ready for the day – not exhausted and dreading it.

Here are a few things you can do at the end of one week to start the next one rejuvenated and relax.

#1 Rest
Sacrificing a weekend’s rest for a big project might be tempting, yet numerous studies prove that it is taking time off that makes us more productive. (Source) Make it a point to stay away from work for at least one full day. You’ll notice the difference!

#2 Stick to the schedule
Staying up watching Netflix and then sleeping in might sound like a terrific idea, but science says your body clock will love you more if you go to sleep at the same time every day. After all, waking up early on the weekend means more time for fun!

#3 Review your goals
Having the big picture in your mind will keep you from drowning in minuscule things. Know what you want to achieve in the long run and schedule small steps for every week.


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#4 Set priorities for the week
With everyone’s to-do lists running into endlessness, it is vital to keep your priorities straight. Decide what’s important and focus on those things first.

#5 Catch up with people that matter
We’re all busy with our careers, but in the end, it is rewarding relationships that keep us happy (Source). Take time to reconnect with people that you really value, and not just through texts or social media.

#6 Buy and prep your food for the week
There is a certain security in knowing what you’re going to eat for breakfast any given day. Plan your meals, get your grocery shopping out of the way and do some prep work, so that you don’t have to worry about it during the week.

#7 Plan your outfits
Avoid the morning closet craze by planning your wardrobe in advance. Check the weather and your calendar to make sure you are prepared for rainy days and important meetings.

#8 Organize
Decluttering your space magically does the same to your mind. There’s a reason the KonMari method is so popular! Dedicate some time to organizing your room and computer files to feel more in control of your life.

#9 Reflect on the past week
Look back and note down things that worked, things that didn’t and things that made you smile. Nothing helps stay out of the “groundhog day” mode more than mindfulness.

#10 Celebrate your achievements
Whether you’ve established some valuable connections, produced a viral piece of content or just managed to get up early every day, pat yourself on the shoulder. There is no point in achieving if you don’t take time to enjoy the results.

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  1. I always try to have at least half a day off during the weekends and I usually meal prep on Sunday so that I’ve got something to eat for lunch every day during the following week! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  2. Do you do weekly plans as well? I have a bit of hard time with this one. I do daily and monthly plans. I tried weekly plans, but then I had to copy the tasks from the week to particular day and had the feeling that I have to write the same thing twice. Any advices?

    Greetings from Copenhagen!

  3. Food prep is such a big thing for me on a sunday, it sets me up right for the week and I actually find it really relaxing

    – Natalie

  4. Food prep and chilling with friends is what I do!

    Unwinding on the weekend is so important!


  5. Without a doubt I need this list! I’m so bad at letting Netflix dominate my sleep pattern… I’m in the middle of a Breaking Bad binge… to very festive but AWESOME viewing.


  6. i always stick to my schedule and organise my week, i find it clears everything in my head x


  7. I could have done with reading this before the weekend, I’ve basically done the opposite of every suggestion. Keeping myself busy all weekend trying to tick things off the list and now feeling like I’m dreading work a bit tomorrow because I haven’t had a break – I will have to put these into action next week! Maybe I can start by clearing my home for now xx

  8. Perfect suggestions, definitely need that moment of R&R on Sundays!

  9. These are all really helpful tips. I’ve been stressing out a lot lately. Thanks for sharing!


  10. Seems like I’ve already failed, haha. Spent the whole of Sunday night binging on food until 3am then had to wake super early. Will try and set some balance from today on!
    – Charmaine

  11. These are some really helpful tips, I would so love to be that organised I actually knew what I was wearing for the whole week!

    Allie | Rush + Teal

  12. These are great tips! Sometimes it’s difficult to get back into the swing of things after a weekend off.


  13. sundays are always my best days at reorganizing and getting together everything I need for the week =o)


  14. Great post! I’m just starting a new full time position so these are very helpful for me to get in the swing of things :)


  15. #1, 2, 3 & 6 ALWAYS ensure I have a great, productive week! Love these tips!


  16. Love this. I already feel motivated. Another thing people should remember: Write everything down,. It helps a lot to stay focused and structured.

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