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10 Things You Should Bring To A Job Interview

DSC_03s04Interviews can be hugely daunting because they’re so important. This one conversation could determine your future career path, so it’s imperative that you get it right. Providing you’re relaxed and prepared you should have no problems at all. These are the top ten items to bring to ensure everything goes to plan.

#1 A Hard Copy of Your CV

Every applicant attending the interview will have sent over their CV, but chances are none of them will have brought a hard copy. Not only does it show organisation and efficiency, but if the interviewer has some free time, perhaps when he or she is having a late morning cuppa, they may see your CV on the desk and have a read of it. You will then be fresh in their mind and they’ll be more likely to look at you as a potential candidate.

#2 A Smile

By smiling you will come across as friendly and therefore, more likeable. Remember that employers are looking for someone who’ll get on with the rest of the team. If you need some body language tips, why not read our super helpful article!

#3 A Pen and Paper

Chances are you won’t need a pen and paper at all, but if the interviewer gives you any important information you can jot it down straight away. Bringing equipment to the meeting shows enthusiasm and a good working attitude. As we all know writing something down helps it stay in your memory for longer, so if the interviewer asks you a particularly interesting question or tells you something insightful, scribbling it down makes you look eager and attentive.

#4 A Drink of Water

Drinking water keeps your mind alert, boosts your energy and will keep your hands busy if you’re feeling fidgety and nervous. You don’t want to forget to hydrate yourself in a stressful situation, you might end up with a migraine! Check out these 6 signs you’re not drinking enough water, just to be sure!

#5 A Ready Prepared Speech of Job History

If your potential employer is asking about your employment history, the last thing they want is for you to give a long list of roles with approximate dates. So it’s a good idea to practise what you’ll say beforehand- keep it brief and be relevant, and don’t forget to let them know what skills you learned or any parts you enjoyed in your previous employment.

#6 Prepare Answers for Common Interview Questions

Reciting ready-made answers is not the idea here. However having some idea of what you could say if a surprise question is thrown at you will increase your response time and avoid dithering. Your quick and accurate response will come across impressive. We’ve written a handy guide for interview questions to help you with just that.

#7 Lipbalm

Dry mouth and chapped lips? Problem solved. Keep your lips hydrated to complement your winning smile. These Baby Lips lip balms are the best things ever! Just a touch of color, great moisture, & reasonable price.

#8 Shoes You Can Walk In

Although sky high heels can make you feel amazing and confident, it’s important that you’re able to walk in them because you may well be taken on a tour of the premises or have a long walk to the interview location. The last thing you want to be doing is staggering around like Bambi on ice.

#9 A Bag

Walking in with an armful of stuff looks disorganised which is certainly not the message you want to be sending. Although it’s hard not to be scrolling through CGD whilst you’re waiting, make sure your phone is tucked away in the bag too!

#10 A Watch/Something to Tell the Time

Being on time is essential. Punctuality will give you brownie points, whereas tardiness will make you appear disinterested.

Best of luck girls! X

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  1. Chelsea says

    I’m glad I got to read this today because I actually have an interview today! These tips are very helpful! :)

  2. Erika says

    Great tips! Thank you! One of my college teachers once told me to always bring gum or mints with you as well. :)


  3. Dànae García says

    Very useful, all the tips are great, specially the heels part! hehe who hasn’t been in super high heels crying out of pain? Thanks for sharing! xoxo

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  4. H. M. Willow says

    Such a fantastic list! Owning my own business, I interview so many people, and it’s always nice to see someone well prepared! xoxo, Haley

  5. Alexis Jackson says

    I like the first one, having you CV with you. That is brilliant! I actually have a job interview tomorrow for a job I really want, these are great tips for me!


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