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10 Things Every 20 Something Does In Fall

da4f0155b2a123a6aab57da414dc2866The beginning of fall marks a new season. Every new season is always accompanied by exciting adventures that add some spice to life. Fall may mean that you must return to your academic routine. Or maybe it is the time of year that your company embarks upon a new project.

Regardless of the direction of your professional life, there are a number of activities that we all do in fall that help us to embrace the new season.

#1 Have fun with fall fashion.

A new season comes with new styles! This means it’s time to swap your sundress for a sweater dress, or new denim, a solid chunky sweater and a sleek pair of boots. Get creative and accessorize with a plaid scarf or leopard-print bag. And if it gets chilly enough that you need a jacket, throw on an artillery vest or camel-colored trench. Fall is about fun layers. So mix and match and let your personality shine. For more on fall fashion, be sure to check out our recent fashion posts.

#2 Sip on a pumpkin spice latte.

There is something about a fall drink that somehow enhances the season. The pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks is a popular favorite. It’s the perfect blend of cinnamon, nutmeg and of course pumpkin. This year the toasted graham latte is a new addition to the menu. Another delectable option that will make you want to toast some s’mores! (Perhaps I should have added that to the list!)

#3 Stock up on scented candles.

This is one of my personal favorites. Although I tend to have candles scattered throughout my apartment all year, I absolutely love the scents that come out in the fall. With fun smells to choose from like toasted marshmallow, apple spice or pumpkin pie, it becomes hard to choose just one. (I’m always guilty of buying at least three! Oops?)

#4 Go apple and pumpkin picking.

Going apple or pumpkin picking is a must! Google a farm in your area, grab a cup of hot apple cider and head to the apple orchard or to the pumpkin patch. (Or both!) You can then cap off the day by inviting your girlfriends over for a baking contest. Compete for who can make the best apple pie, apple strudel or apple cider donuts. And if you happen to not be a modern day Betty Crocker, plan a pumpkin carving party instead. Jack o’lanterns anyone?

#5 Enjoy classic comfort food.

With the return of fall comes the return of seasonal comfort foods. Think spaghetti and meatballs, macaroni and cheese, chicken noodle soup, or a classic tomato soup with grilled cheese. A variety of chili dishes and casseroles can also ignite a spark in the creative mind if you’re looking for something a bit more hearty. And for those of us who don’t like to cook or for those of us who manage to burn everything we get our hands on, there are always takeout versions of the above. (You may now breathe a sigh of relief.)

#6 Get your game face on with sports season.

With a new season comes new sports! So whether you enjoy football, field hockey, soccer or any plethora of others, it’s time to dig out your team apparel. Invite a few friends over, make fun game-day snacks and cheer on your favorite team from the comforts (and warmth) of your own home, or bundle up and cheer from the sidelines. Regardless of your preference or even of your level of interest in sports, there is something to be said about the exciting energy that comes from watching a game.

#7 Watch your favorite TV.

Chances are your favorite TV shows all finished in the summer, promising to return in ‘late fall’, well at least that’s one reason to wish the summer away. Along with our old favourites, some great new shows are coming to TV soon, more excuses to stay cosy and watch them all! Check back soon for a list of our favourite shows to watch this fall. We’re working on it, we promise!

#8 Be spooked on a haunted hayride.

Hayrides are growing in popularity as many are increasing their fear factor. So if you don’t mind being scared by fake blood, ghosts, witches, headless horsemen and the like, then be sure to research a nearby hayride. Just be on the lookout as you’re taken through the twists and turns of the darkness. You never know what is going to jump out. Eek!

#9 Immerse yourself in Halloween spirit.

October would not be complete without Halloween. Although you might be thinking you are too old to celebrate, there are a number of more mature activities than the classic trick-or-treating that will still put you in the holiday spirit. For example: stock up on candy, decorate your space with pumpkins, orange lights and cobwebs, dress up (I’m thinking Tinker Bell this year!), have a party, bob for apples and serve a seasonal cocktail. (These are more requirements than suggestions.)

#10 Enjoy a couple of cozy Sundays.

Amidst all of these fun actives, you will definitely need a few weekend days of rest. This means putting on comfy pajamas, curling up in a blanket, grabbing some of that leftover (or pre-Halloween) candy, and watching some scary movies on Netflix (i.e., Halloween, Scream, House of Wax…)

So there you have it! 10 things that every 20 something does (or should be doing) in fall. If you’re missing one from your upcoming calendar of events, be sure to add it! Happy fall everyone!



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  1. Besma says

    I’ve never been pumpkin picking, but it sounds like a must! Otherwise, I’m definitely going to be cooking up some healthy recipes with the autumn gourd (pumpkin spice smoothie, anyone?)

    Besma | Curiously Conscious

  2. hashtagfablife says

    Tinkerbell is such a fun costume idea! Also really want to try the toasted graham latte!


  3. I love fall and have already gone apple picking. I’m just waiting for the weather to finally cool off so I can really get into the fall spirit.

  4. Tiffany says

    1. Definitely stocking up on scented candles
    2. Already planned my trip for Apple and Pumpkin Picking
    3. Love Fall TV
    4. Sundays are everything during the Fall (day of relaxation)
    5. Fall Fashion is the best!

    Can you tell my excitement?


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