10 Things That Happen When You Look Younger Than You Are

Do you regularly get asked your age and have to convince others that you’re the age you say you are? We know how you feel. You can’t complain to others because they’ll just frown at you and say you don’t know how lucky you are, but we’ve got your back. Looking young is as much of a blessing as it is a curse! Here are 10 things that happen when you look younger than you are!

1. You always get ID’d

Whether it’s buying alcohol in the supermarket or going to the cinema, you always hear that phrase “ID, please.” It happens everywhere – without fail! Even in some places you’re sure it isn’t even necessary! Buying super glue has become an issue for you.

2. You’re the baby of your friends

Everyone has a role in their friend group, whether you know it or not, it might be the mom, the crazy one, or, in your case, probably the baby (thanks to your baby face!). However being the baby isn’t bad, others are more willing to look after you!

3. Too young for a valid POV

Sometimes when you’re at university or in the office, looking younger sometimes stops people seeing your point of view as valid. They might talk over you or patronise you because they think you have less life experience under your belt. It’s probably the most annoying thing about looking younger.

4. You don’t have an anti-aging routine

With a face as youthful as yours, you’ll don’t need to spend money on products that stop you looking older for now! A blessing in disguise!

5. People compliment your youthfulness

There is always a compliment going for you – whether it’s about your soft skin or wrinkle-less face, looking young certainly has its advantages!

6. Everyone wants to pick you up

If you’re short too you probably have to deal with the fact that everyone wants to pick you up, just because they can’t believe how little you are. Yes, we’re tiny, get over it and stop man-handling us!

7. Shopping is impossible

If you’re blessed with an ageless face, you might have to choose what you wear quite carefully. Too cute and you could look too young, too daring and you look like you’re trying to look older. You should wear whatever makes you comfortable – but you can’t help being aware that people will always try to guess your age.

8. People ask for your parents

When the repair man knocks at the door, or when you walk into the bank, they eye you suspiciously and ask if they can speak to your parents. Good for nuisance callers “Sorry they’re not in, call back later!” Bad for your self-esteem when you are the owner of the house/bank account.

9. You get odd compliments too

From the older ladies who remark at your youthful face and then proceed to tell you that you’ll end up wrinkly like them one day, to the doorman at the club who scoffs at your ID and tells you that you’re older than he is, you’re sure to get some odd compliments. There’s only so many times you can hear “Yeah but, it’s weird that you haven’t aged!”

10. You’ve cheated the system a few times

Oh, you! We’re not going to tell, but we know that you’ve capitalised on your youthful looks once or twice. Nobody else understands the struggle of looking so young and innocent (even with makeup!) so yes, you’ve been naughty and accepted everybody’s perceptions of you for freebies, discounted tickets on rides and other bonuses. Child ticket anyone?

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Featured photo: Look De Pernille