10 Things That happen When You’ve Been Job Hunting For Too Long

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Dear Sir/Madam, do you spend most of your time scrutinizing your CV, typing out endless amounts of boring generic cover letters? Do you stare longingly at your email inbox living in hope of even just one job offer? Do you find yourself nodding your head furiously just grateful that you are not alone? Welcome to the wonderful world of job hunting.

1) You don’t even want a job anymore.

Who even wants a job anyway? Its way more fun to stay at home all day playing The Sims and eating breakfast at midday. At least until the rent needs paying…

2) You begin to address everyone as Sir or Madam

From the checkout lady to your next door neighbour, writing all those cover letters has really started taking its toll.

3) You seek solace in the fellow unemployed

So most of your friends are married with a mortgage and you can’t even hold down a simple 9 to 5, it’s okay though there’s always that one friend who will have pizza nights with you as you sob to Titanic with a glass of wine in hand.

4) You get way too carried away.

You’ve calculated and spent your first month’s wages, planned the fastest route for your journey and worked out what to wear on your first day all before you have even sent off your application but it’s fine because you know you will be just perfect for the job.

5) You start to forget to leave the house.

Spending all day in your pyjamas scrolling through job ads on your laptop should be a full time job in itself. Its exhausting work applying for a job, all those questions and details to fill out, no wonder you have little time to even have a life anymore.

6) Receiving an email is far more exciting than any Facebook notification.

That is until you realise that the notification was actually just a Farmville game request from your distant cousin and not an email response to the job you so desperately hoped for.

7) You change career paths multiple times.

So you dream job in PR is not really working for you so you apply as head chef at your local fish and chip shop instead, no harm in keeping your options open is there?

8) You resort to bare faced lying.

So maybe you didn’t win the year 10 chess championship at secondary school nor did you come first in your local charity fundraising race but no one else needs to know that.


9) You excel at procrastination.

So its between scrolling endlessly through Facebook or having to type out yet another pleading cover letter that probably won’t even be read, it’s quite clear to see who the winner is.

10) You have managed to watch just about every series on Netflix.

It’s the perfect job hunting companion. You can name every series you have ever watched and the chances are you have watched them more than once.

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  1. I do career coaching and I am so guilty of some of those on my workshop-free days. Binge watching TV series while scrolling through cat videos can totally happen if you work from home! :)

    Linda D. ❈ http://www.will-work-for-coffee.blogspot.co.uk

  2. This is on point! I’ve gone through this, slowly got myself out of it by getting on my blog and making it work!

  3. I always think finding something to focus on is a great way of motivating yourself, sometimes you just have to make something happen!

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