10 Things You Learn When You Live With Your Partner

You may already know your partner really well.

You know their friends and family, you have been dating for ages and you spend a great deal of your free time together.

Still, trust me on this one actually living together takes things to a whole other level; and that can be a very fun and at the same time eye opening experience:

#1 Compromise is key

You could say that every family has its own culture.

And when two people from two different families come together there are going to be some differences.

It could be that you prefer to eat different things regularly or your families celebrate different holidays.

No matter what the differences are you will have to start finding ways to accommodate both of your preferences, and making those changes can actually be really refreshing.

#2 You don’t have to become an (insert any niche hobby) enthusiast

It is okay if you don’ share your partner’s intense love for video games and they don’t need to share yours for buying throw pillows.

Really, it is okay. In fact, it is actually more than okay, it’s a good thing. You need to have your own interests and hobbies.

It allows you to retain your independence and also gives you each interesting things to talk about with one another.

#3 You will have to check your attitude

There will come a time when you and your partner will have a disagreement, and right in the middle of it, you will realize that you are actually in the wrong.

Your stomach will turn a bit and a little additional anger may pop up alongside the overbearing embarrassment.

You will need to learn to be strong enough to push your pride aside and take responsibility. It is hard. Painful even.

But it is definitely better for everyone in the long run. Trust me–even for you.

#4. How to care for another person

Living with someone you start to notice little things that make them happy, relaxed and comfortable. If you take the time to make these observations they can become very useful when times get tough for your partner.

When anything happens, from your partner catching a cold to simply having a bad day, you will at least have some idea of whether they might like a hot coffee or their favorite movie and a cuddle.

#5 Everyone needs help sometimes

You will eventually find yourself in the position of being the one who is sad, hurt or sick.

You will also probably notice that your partner may not always know what you need when you are having a rough go of it.

Your instinct might be to become upset when they come home with beer thinking it will ease your pain when what you really need is a hot cup of Chamomile tea.

When this happens you need to remember that maybe you need to actually tell them what it is you need.

Asking for help when you need it is fine. And I know your head hurts, but just because you are in love doesn’t mean you can always read one another’s minds. Right?

#6 Patience is hard but worth it

Learn to just smile when you hear that story about last summer’s road trip for the hundredth time.

You spend more time together now, so there is definitely more time for stories to start overlapping.

Keep in mind that clearly telling the story makes your partner happy.

 #7 Mystery isn’t everything….

Really understanding why a person acts the way they do and knowing their secrets and deepest fears, can make them even more wonderful to you.

Seeing a person entirely, flaws and all, allows for a very deep kind of love that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

So, open up and allow your partner that opportunity.

 #8 …But some boundaries are necessary

That doesn’t mean that you should start using the bathroom with the door open, reading their emails or telling them everything you had for lunch each day.

Everyone needs some privacy and some boundaries are there for a reason.

#9 Planning time together is important

When you live together it is easier for your time together to get put on the back burner.

You will both get busy with other things and it will become commonplace to assume that since you live together it is okay to blow off weekend plans or a weekly dinner.

You should try to set time together every week which is exclusively for the two of you. There is a big difference between sitting next to one another in bed and silently watching

Netflix while eating pizza like a zombie and going to dinner and having a stimulating conversation about life and your passions.

Scheduling this time together becomes necessary when you live together.

 #10 Home is the best place

Last of all, you will learn that home is better when you have someone there who makes you feel amazing.

With that said, don’t forget to make them feel amazing so they will love it there as much as you do.

Moving in with your partner is definitely an adjustment with a learning process attached. It has the potential to bring you much closer together and to also broaden your horizons as an individual. Enjoy it.

By Lindy Callahan

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    #3 and #7 are so darn true. Mysterious is overrated in my opinion.