10 Things We Learned From The Devil Wears Prada



With The Devil Wears Prada turning 10 years old in June, we celebrate it’s anniversary with 10 important… and maybe some not as important (but funny!) life lessons:

1 Move faster than a glacier


If you’re going to work for a Miranda Priestly type, you better be able to learn on the job, and fast. And don’t take too long to get Starbucks. Hot Starbucks.


#2 Always walk into a room like you own the place


Unleash your inner Miranda Priestly and let your confidence soar.


#3 How to Spell ‘Gabbana’


Keep your pocket fashion guide close by. You may also want to pop Christian Lacroix into your book as well. Pronunciation: Christian luhkwa. I really need to brush up on my French. Imagine if the movie was called The Devil Wears Lacroix. Nightmare.


#4 Don’t Pick Fashion Over Your Friends 


And don’t sacrifice your relationship for something you don’t 100% love.


#5 You live and learn


We’ve all been Andy. Under prepared, wearing the wrong outfit, unsure what to do, flustered. But only time can give you the experience you need to flourish, you’ll learn from your mistakes.

#6 You can make friends in the unlikeliest of places 


Co-worker that you think hates you? Think again. If we learned anything from this movie it’s that a tough exterior is just that. Everyone has a warm gooey centre.


#7 Sometimes you have to be bossy to be a boss


Yes, it’s scary coming up against Miranda Priestly, but she’s good at what she does and she knows how to do it. I mean, I’m not saying we should act like this – but sometimes you have to be firm to be fair.


#8 Public transportation is the worst.


OK, so we already knew this, but watching the film just cemented that fact. Subways and buses in the summer makes me seriously think if they’re trying to cook us. Why can’t they just get aircon? Get with the 21st century people….


#9 Dress to impress


Because first impressions are everything!


#10 Don’t forget chewing gum


Let’s hope we never get into this situation. Always bring gum!



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  • Dorothy

    One of my favourite movies – not only entertaining, but also full of good career lessons!

    Dorothy | http://www.wanderess.org/

  • Camille Beygui

    Loved this post ahah

  • Momina Arif

    bring gum. always.

  • Lexie | NAILGIRL.NET

    Love this movie SO much. I need to rewatch it this weekend!
    Lexie | NailGirl

  • Lucywachowe

    One of my all time favourite movies, love it so much I almost know all the lines in the movie 🙈. Wish there were more fashion movies like this.


  • Renee | The Random Bibliophile

    I’ve watched this movie so many times already, I lost count! I love Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep <3

  • Holly

    I love all of this! All so very true!

    Holly at http://www.ldnmuse.com xx

  • Abigail Lori-Ann

    The best movie out there, it taught me so many things; How to be a boss ass bitch and just how cut throat the career world is for a female- we need to be perfect basically, no flaws.


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