10 Things We Love About Living With Our Parents

Living at home can have its downsides, but there are some serious perks to living with your parents. Some things to remember you’ll miss when you’ve got your own place are…

A full fridge. 

You know what’s great when you’re hungry? Not finding out the cupboards are bare, leaving, then coming back 10 minutes later with lowered expectations. Or being hungover and realizing you have nothing in the house. Parents typically bring food, and also, it’s typically healthy stuff! Fruit and vegetables and stuff that if you bought on your own would probably go bad sooner.

Casual use of the family car.

No payments needed, but you’re not totally reliant on transit when you need it.

Feeling like a genius when you fix the WiFi.

Because parents will never get the intricacies of “You just unplug it then plug it back in.” 

A laundry machine that doesn’t take quarters.

Or involve waiting around for your neighbours to take their clothes out of the machines.

The increased motivation. 

The stereotype might be that people who live at home are just too lazy to move out, but in my experience that’s not true. Nothing will motivate you more than your parents constantly asking you what your plans are, and what you see the yourself doing for the rest of your life.

Saving on rent.

Even if they charge, it’s usually something nominal (and chores, which let’s face it, you would be doing anyhow).

Trips to the mall. 

“Your jeans are too worn, we’re going shopping” is a phrase you will hate to hear, and then miss the moment you move out. No one is going to buy you clothes once you’re independent. Savour these moments.


It may be many, many years until you’re responsible enough to take care of another living thing. Enjoy the pets without the responsibility while you can!

Better TV bundles. 

Someone else’s Netflix, Sky TV, 100-channel cable package—entertainment doesn’t get much better than when someone else is paying for it.

Coming home to a team.

Hard day at work? Fight with a friend? Go home, have a hot chocolate, and enjoy the fact that the people you’re coming home to are always in your corner. Even if they’re tough on you, they’ll always be on your side, and that’s nice to come home to.

  • http://www.ohjanuary.blogspot.co.uk Hannah Lucy

    This is GREAT. The fridge one is just spot on.

    Hannah | Oh January

  • http://msbubuandhergirlyness.blogspot.com Stephanie G

    What I like is not fighting with stupid roommates anymore! Yet I still have company :)


  • http://fashionbackyard.blogspot.fr/ Camille Beygui

    This is so true !



  • http://www.jasminekeclipse.com Jasmine Eclipse

    Very, very true! These are all things I really miss since I moved out!

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