#LazySunday: 10 Things You Need For A Cosy Night In


It’s Sunday, girls, and Autumn is almost upon us now; the nights are drawing in and the leaves are turning golden. It’s the time of year for ginormous mugs of hot chocolate and super thick wooly jumpers to keep out the chill.

Sometimes after work or a day out in the cold, all you want to do is jump into a winter holiday advert! Having a cosy night in is almost as good, so here are a few things to make your lazy evening so much more comforting.

#1 A decadent mug of hot chocolate

It can only be the best hot chocolate, so grab yourself a tub of Cadbury’s or your favourite decadent brand, you can even make your own with melted chocolate or chocolate milk! Top with giant marshmallows and a flake or some grated milk chocolate. If you’re really making an evening of it, add a dash (or two) of Baileys or Cointreau to warm yourself up!

#2 A movie to get lost in

It can be whatever genre you want – pick a movie that you love or one you’ve been meaning to see for ages but never had time to watch. Check out our list of must-see movies, we’ve also got tonnes of Netflix recommendations to keep you glued to the screen!

#3 The cosiest, softest, warmest knitted jumper

You know the one. It sits in the back of your wardrobe in spring and summer, waiting patiently for the cold snap to begin so that you can take it out again, pull it over your head and hug it tight. It’s probably a bit big for you so you can pull it over your knees. If you don’t have one, you need to see our picks ASAP! Try this H&M alpaca knit, or this oversized woollen human hot water bottle from ASOS.

#4 Light up the night with fairy lights

Forget the main light in your room that glares in every direction, opt for something softer and more ambient. Fairy lights are my favourite; they can be bought cheaply online or in pretty much any store around this time of year. Hang them around the mantle piece to make the room feel just a little bit magical.

#5 Make your house smell like freshly baked gingerbread…

Or cotton sheets, or just-picked cherries, the list is endless! A few scented tea lights dotted around the room can give you just enough light and fill the air with your favourite smells. You could use aromatic candles if you really want to de-stress and relax.

#6 Cloud-like cushions to sink into

You can’t have a cozy night in without being super comfortable. Grab a few large cushions to arrange around you, lay back and relax into them (with your hot chocolate and tv remote in hand – you don’t want to get up after you’ve squished down!). You’re never too old to make a fort either!

#7 Something to flick through

Sometimes we need to get away from the screens we spend so much of our time looking at and indulge in something with real pages. Grab a couple of magazines on your way home from work, or have a rummage for that new book you bought so long ago it probably can’t be described as new anymore. If you need a book list, we’ve got you, too!

#8 Feast away

You need some treats to hand for the evening. They don’t have to be unhealthy; a roasted butternut squash soup with wholemeal croutons could be just what you need after a long day at work, or perhaps some crudités and dip will give you the extra vitamins you need to fight off your cold that won’t disappear.

#9 Serene sounds

Add some background noise to your evening – Spotify is brilliant for this as you can use the radio function and discover a new song or artist you haven’t heard before. I would go with an acoustic sound, like Jack Penate or Laura Marling – it’s up to you!

#10 A person

It could be your boyfriend, best friend, sister or brother – having someone to share your cosy night with can make it so much more enjoyable. Invite your whole group of friends over, or put your feet up with your furry flatmate (your cat, not the mouldy cheese in your fridge).

What else would you have on your list for a perfect night in?

By Genieve Crump

  1. Literally this whole post was cosy to even read. Need all of this to happen now! Or maybe a hot chocolate will have to do!


  2. Great things! 1, 2, 8, 9 and 10 are my favorites!

    More kisses and have a great night!

  3. I really enjoyed reading this since I am currently on the laziest sunday night that could ever be ahah

  4. Such a lovely list. I read this whilst at work on a Monday morning and now all I want to do is get back in my pyjamas with a hot chocolate Netflix. Ha! I love this post though, really inspired me! Thank you!


  5. Very inspiring post for all of us home lovers! We are in a hurry now, going to buy some cherry candles :)

  6. A really good hot chocolate is better than nothing – I’m glad you found the post cozy, maybe I should add that to the bottom of the list!

  7. I think a lot of people would – I am one of those strange people who drinks neither tea nor coffee so a hot choc will have to do!

  8. I think think a cozy evening is best after a long day at work on a Monday – at least then you have something to look forward to!

  9. Your post has inspired me to have a cozy night when I get home from work. It’s cold and rainy where I live today, so it’s the perfect night for it. Great post!

    xo, Liz

  10. This is making me wish it was the weekend and I could have a cozy night in tonight because of course, sleeping in the next day is a requirement!

    XX Laura

  11. Yay – I’m happy to hear it inspired you! I think it’s almost better if the weather is bad but you’re huddled up in the warm :)

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