10 Things Only Tall Girls Understand

I  could probably fill a book with my #tallgirlproblems. Although I’m sure there are just as many for those small girls out there, here of a few of my top peaves about being tall – share yours in the comments below!

The teeny tiny tall section

Why oh why should tall girls only have two pairs of jeans to choose from? I want the ones over there, in the section at the front of the shop, they look really – oh. They’re regular. And I don’t want a breeze around my ankles. Ugly jeans it is!

The way a dress goes from demure to ‘who are you trying to pull?’

On the hanger, it looks amazing. The perfect shape, colour and material you’ve been searching for. This is THE dress – it’s taken you two weeks to find it and it’s in your size. Hallelujah! You’re just going to pop in the fitting rooms to admire how amazing it looks. Just got to get the zip done up and…oh. The dress now looks so short you don’t even want to step out of the changing room to check it out in the floor length mirror, let alone wear it to your cousin’s wedding.

“How is the weather up -“

No. Just no. Do you have any idea how many times I have heard this in my life? It wasn’t funny the first time and even though I’m smiling weakly on the outside in my head I’m secretly wishing you trip over when you leave. I’m just kidding! Maybe.

The perfect shoes that you (think) you can never wear.

You know the ones. You grab them off the shelf to marvel in their amazing-ness, only to realise the heel is about five inches high and you will tower over everyone in them (and if you’re me, break your ankle in the process). On the plus side, kitten heels hurt way less and you aren’t hobbling up the stairs at the end of the night. There are perks!

The perils and frustrations of buying tights

Picture: I’m looking at a pack of tights, deciding which size I am. Medium seems to be what I’m after, so I try them on. Perfect fit around the waist but…why is the crotch round my knees?! Opt for large instead. Pull tights up in delight as they fit my entire leg… then groan in dismay as they proceed to fall down, as the waist is ginormous and enough for a small person to fit in with me.

“Can you reach this for me…?”

Technically, yes, I can physically reach that for you. I could stretch up and grab it off the shelf for you, and you could get on with your shopping. But I don’t want to because a. I don’t work here and b. I have already done it five times so far and I only have two items in my basket.

Unsuspecting low beams/doorways/hanging items

There should be laws against low door frames. Wooden beams shouldn’t be so low that they need padding around them. Wind chimes aren’t such brilliant inventions that it excuses them from hitting me in the face repeatedly with lots of little poles, especially since the sound of them alone is painful enough.

People who notify you of aforementioned low beams/doorways/hanging items…after you’ve walked into them

If you’re going to have a height-unfriendly house, the least you could do is warn me before I walk into your low hanging paraphernalia. If you don’t alert me to your oddly placed door frame before my head hits it, the least you could do is ask me if I’m ok. Do not tell me to watch out for the door frame that I have just hit into. And definitely don’t chuckle at your own joke. Then exclaim out loud how tall I am. Really? I hadn’t noticed.

Beds that aren’t your own

I never realised this was a problem until I stayed in a hotel in London last month. The bed was super comfy, the sheets were really soft, and…my feet dangled over the edge even though my hair was touching the headboard. I laid there in shock for a moment at the previously unfathomable idea that a hotel had provided me with a bed that I couldn’t physically fit in. Madness.

Seats that you can’t quite get comfortable in

Builders of aeroplanes don’t seem to be aware that people over 5″5′ exist and bus seats aren’t that much better either. Eschewing public transport is a great idea until you remember your steering wheel won’t go any higher and your car keys tickle your knee whilst you drive. Bike anyone?

What else to you find really annoying as a tall (or small) girl?

By Genieve Crump