How To Get Your Dream Job

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You’ve had the idea of the dream job for as long as you can remember. Some of us since secondary school and others since the beginning of University. And now that you are finally on the road towards that dream job, the hard part is finally here.

There are times when the road gets rough and we begin to realize the journey can be a bit overwhelming. You might even second guess yourself and question if this path is truly for you. It’s so easy to convince yourself otherwise when your vision is becoming a reality. So, what can you keep in mind when the struggle towards that dream job becomes real?

1. It’s not going to be easy

The road to your dream job isn’t going to be the easiest. Keep in mind that you are more than capable of opening each and every door towards your goal with patience and determination. You’ll get there, persevere! You just need a great plan.

2. Rejection isn’t the end

Remember that the word ‘no’ tends to be heard more frequently than ‘yes’. It’s a tough reality, but don’t allow this to take you away from what you ultimately want! Ask for feedback, and take the rejection as an opportunity to improve.

3. You aren’t alone

All over the world, every Career Girl is working towards their dream job, some are even doing it right now! Keep working hard, others have taken the same route you are on and have achieved success! Keep in mind everyone’s journey is different. If you need to find a mentor or connect with a community, why not pop a comment in the box below and see if you find some other women on their journey!

4. Remember, you can do this

It’s easy to forget our strengths and capabilities. Don’t forget the obstacles and hard work you’ve put in to make it this far. You are so much stronger than you think! You got this.

5. Mistakes are inevitable

Mistakes will happen. They are there not to define you but to learn from and grow. Take notes on each mistake and move forward knowing that you’ve gained a little more knowledge on what to do and what not to do.

6. You are going to face fears

You are going to encounter some fears, be it public speaking or walking into an interview. But practice makes perfect! The more you face your fears, the tougher your skin becomes and the faster you develop into the kind of candidate your dream job is looking for!

7. It’s going to take time

Have patience. You’ll get frustrated once in a while wondering why you are not where you want to be at the moment. Goals take time to reach. Take it one step at a time and understand the process.

8. Not everyone will agree

It’s natural for us to look for advice and guidance from the people we trust, but not everyone will agree with the path we choose to take. And that is perfectly fine! This dream job is your dream job. If for no one else, do it for you!

9. You are almost there

You are working hard and you’re closer than you were yesterday. Don’t give up!

10. It’s the journey that you will always remember

Savor every moment in your journey, especially your struggle. It’s difficult to do. Still, when you reach that dream job, you’ll be so appreciative of your journey and understand more than anyone the experiences you’ve faced to obtain that job!



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