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10 Things That Happen When You’ve Grown Up With Your Best Friend

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other-stories-summer-2015-swim05Your best friend gets you better than anyone, chances are you’ve been through a lot with them. They know all your ex boyfriends and all your secrets! Growing up with your best friend is a real experience, here are ten things that happen when you’ve known each other for a long time!

#1 There are photos you never, ever want to see

Your best friend has, in their posession, photos of you during your ‘emo’ phase. Photos of you on the toilet, photos of you in the morning with no makeup on and photos of you sleeping. These are the photos you really hope she doesn’t crack out for your milestone birthday party or wedding. You never want to see them again.

#2 You can’t laugh as hard with anybody else

Sometimes it’s just a catchphrase, or a reminder of something hilarious that happened in the past that sets you off. During your time as best friends you’ve done a lot, you’ve been a terrible twosome and as such you have some hysterical memories. Bringing them up makes everybody else wonder why you’re laughing so hard it physically hurts.

#3 Your parents are their parents

Your parents are kind of interchangeable now, you can feel free to wander into their house kick off your shoes and open the fridge to rummage around. Their parents wouldn’t even blink an eye if you just turned up out of the blue and sat down to watch some TV.

#4 You have some of their clothes, still

You open your wardrobe to find a stack of things you borrowed from your best friend years ago and never gave back. You’ll bring them up eventually, but in the mean time you have to hope she isn’t looking for that really cute top – because you might just wear it tonight.

#5 You become the over-protective parent

You’ve been around much longer than any of these other ‘friends’ or ‘boyfriends’, so you can watch them with a suspicious eye and tell your bestie that they make you feel uneasy. The truth is you don’t want to be replaced, plus you need to know you get on with any boyfriend before she commits to him, so you can feel free to judge!

#6 You need drunk best friend times

Nobody gets you when you’re drunk like your similarly drunk best friend. Whether they stand with you in the gross club toilets or force feed you chips while you’re crying your eyes out about how much you love them, there’s nobody in this world you’d rather be drunk with.

#7 Other people are intimidated by your friendship

The inside jokes, the closeness, the ridiculous stuff you’ve been through together. It all makes other people feel intimidated, when they see you two together they might even prefer you when you’re apart, just because you’re so damn awesome they can’t handle it. Honestly though, they’re probably a little jealous of your closeness, shrug it off!

#8 Snapchat becomes a way to share the most disgusting photographs

Have you snapped your double chin or stomach rolls recently? Chances are, that Snapchat went straight to your best friend. Boobs and bum snaps aren’t for sexy reasons, but instead for comedy – and your best friend returns the favour. If you accidentally sent those gross snaps to anyone else you’d cry!

#9 You’ll examine the Universe

There’s nobody else in the world that can hold a deep meaningful conversation like your best friend. You might sound like a pair of uneducated idiots, but you will share your conspiracy theories and talk about the Universe for hours together, until you get too scared by your theories to leave the room.

#10 You’ll fight

You aren’t best friends until you call each other names, you’ve had a few zingers in your time as best friends, but nothing you can’t look back on and laugh at. The greatest thing about being best friends is that you can be completely honest with each other, so you’ll always know if you’ve hurt their feelings and can try to make it right.

This article is dedicated to my best friend, Esme! She always supports me, gives me sassy words of advice and sends me plenty of ugly photos to laugh at. Share this article with your best friend and let us know some of the funny things you do together in the comments below.

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  1. Rachel Ang says

    I enjoyed reading this so much, shared it to my best friends!! xx

    Rachel x

  2. Alexandra says

    Posts like these really make me realize just how much i love my friendships and wouldn’t change them for the world!!

  3. Esme says

    This was awesome! I had to share with my girls! When I first started reading the post on Facebook I smiled because my name is Esme :)

  4. Lynn says

    this is so accurate! loved this post x
    lynn |

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