10 Things You Should Do Before Your Thirties


Hitting your thirties seems to be a turning point in life, often a time for many to be at the height of their career and settling down. It doesn’t matter in which stage you are now, there are certain things you must have done before you are turning 30.

So here are 10 things you should do whilst free of commitments before the big 3 0 hits.

Travel the world

Or at least whatever you can manage! Travelling is definitely a must do before you are tied down with a family or mortgage. Get a map and pin point 5 places you want to visit, whether it be an exotic island or a beautiful landscape.

Experience an Adrenaline Activity
Whether it be sky diving or bungee jumping this is an ideal thing to do when travelling and really is a once in a life time opportunity. See the world from a great height and then feel the adrenaline rush through you as you make the jump!

Run a Marathon
Not necessarily a full marathon, and you can even walk part way! But the sense of achievement you will experience when crossing the finishing line is definitely a must. Make it even more special if you choose a charity to run it for and raise money for their cause, making the experience even more rewarding.

Buy something outrageously expensive
Whether it is a car, a designer handbag or shoes treat yourself to that one thing you have always wanted but never bought. Look at it as an investment in an item that will last you…and bring you lots of happiness!

Stay up all night at a festival
Experience the festival atmosphere, soak up the music and dance all night.

Live with your best friends
Living with friends is something everyone should experience before their thirties. Friendships grow and you develop a bond for life. Plus there is never a dull moment when your friends are just down the corridor!

Go on a girls holiday
Whatever the destination going on a girls holiday abroad is an experience you will never forget. Cocktails on the beach, catching the sun by the pool and lots of laughs all with your best friends.

Do something spontaneous
This can be anything you like, but it has to be utterly spontaneous and on the spot. Decide to disappear for a long weekend, get a piercing or tattoo, or just get in the car and drive for miles with no destination in mind.

Go on a trip alone
This can be a great experience to find yourself and be truly independent travelling alone and exploring a new place.

Learn a new language
Pick a foreign language to learn, whether its Spanish, French or Mandarin Chinese! A second language is a great skill to have and a brilliant achievement.

Written by Kelsie Mcphail

What would you like to do before you thirties? Let us know in the comments below