10 Things To Do If You Have Dreams Of Becoming An Entrepreneur

GIRLBOSS-Book_ClubIf you’re dreaming of being your own boss, there’s a lot of planning you should do before you take the leap of faith into the business world. Don’t be afraid, here are ten things you should do if you have dreams of becoming an entrepreneur!

#1 Believe in yourself

You have to believe in yourself and your big idea, if you don’t – nobody else will. Sell your idea with conviction and believe that it is something others should be excited about. The first step to becoming an entrepreneur is believing in what you have to offer.

#2 Have a solid business plan

Your idea rests on the success of your business plan. You need to ask yourself questions like ‘who are my customers?’, ‘what are my objectives and action plans to achieve these goals?’, the deeper you go with your business plan the more comfortable you will feel about putting it into action.

#3 Know your customer

You need to know your customer inside and out, what do they do in their spare time, what demographic of people are more likely to read your website and invest in your product. Knowing who you’re catering towards will help you craft a better business from the start.

#4 Improve your selling skills

You need to be a good seller. Whether you’re crafting an online business or pitching your idea to investors, you need to know how to be persuasive and likeable, and how to use language that paints you and your business in a good light.

#5 Consider your storefront

Most modern entrepreneurs rely on a website to build popularity and spread the word. Treat this space as your storefront and ensure that it is well designed with good language and an easy interface. People will rave about a website that looks good and has great content, but will ignore a badly designed one.

#6 Tackle negativity with care and attention

Any negative reviews or opinions that are publicly posted about yourself or your business/idea should be handled with care and attention. Never respond to a critic by blaming them, likewise don’t ignore their valid opinion. Apologise for whatever their issue is calmly and with class ‘I’m sorry you feel this way,’ and offer to resolve the matter via private message. That’s not to say you should respond to everyone, some people are just trolls and should be ignored, but an actual negative review or a piece of constructive criticism should never be taken as an attack.

#7 Build up a reputation

You need to be seen as a leader and an expert in your field, whether you do that by crafting an online brand that’s reputable or use your experience in another field. People need to know they can trust you.

#8 Be money savvy

You need to be financially smart if you’re looking to become an entrepreneur, often you need to spend quite a bit of money to make even half of it back, so be frugal and keep track of all your investments and expenditures. You need to know exactly how much every part of your business will cost, or at least have someone on board that you trust to do that job.

#9 Never underestimate the power of people

If you’ve crafted a great product that excites people you can rely on sites like Kickstarter to help you reach your funding goal and launch your product. This won’t work if you don’t get your idea out there, so before you reach out to the community why not give back. Engage with other bloggers and social networkers that have similar ideas or cater towards other entrepreneurs, but don’t do it for the sole purpose of promoting your product or idea, use these networks to share your experiences. You might even want to start a blog to reach a wider audience before you use something like Kickstarter, you’ll get a much better reception if you’re already established online.

#10 Don’t be afraid to change

A good business moves with the times, in this day and age it’s so easy to get left behind. I’m sure you can name at least five brands and businesses who were stuck in the past, and got left there. So you need to be prepared to take your customers demands and change accordingly. Your business should be a constantly evolving thing if it’s to succeed.

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