10 Things To Write In Your Journal Right Now


Wondering what things to write in your journal? While there are many apps that help you organize your life, nothing beats the feeling of writing down your tasks, goals, and notes on pen and paper.

First, you need to think about what kind of journal you want. If you often feel stressed and anxious, the Stress Less journal will help guide you through those feelings, if you just need a boost of positivity definitely pick up a CGD LONDON wellness journal, and if you need a lined page to write down your thoughts, use the Getting Stuff Done planner.


365 Days of Gratitude Journal


Stress Less Journal


Getting Stuff Done


1. Record daily events.

You can use your journal to record daily events, make a note of how you feel after a meeting or date, and write down the noteworthy things that happened during your day so that you can remember them and reflect on them. The 365 Days Of Gratitude Journal is a great way to log the little happy things in life. With three daily prompts to fill in for 365 days, you can focus on being grateful and bringing in good vibes only.

2. Celebrate your wins.

This is related to recording daily events. The idea here is that you want to write down whatever circumstance excites you, gives you the feeling that you’ve won. Your day might not always go as planned, but that does not mean there weren’t little or even big wins in your day!

3. Break your goals down into to-do lists.

Of course, you have goals, but you need to translate those goals into an actionable to-do list. You should start by writing out your goals and then deciding how you’re going to approach it, give yourself a time frame to achieve them.

4. Collect quotes.

The Getting Stuff Done planner allows you to write a quote at the top so you can keep your favorite motivational quotes all in one place while you write in your planner, collecting inspiring and motivational quotes is a good thing to do to keep you empowered.

5. Make a list of things you love.

Books you’ve read and fallen in love with, TV shows and documentaries you like, keep a journal of the places and things you love so that you can always revisit them whenever you need a boost.

6. Make a ‘let it go’ list.

Take a leaf from Frozen’s book, and make a let it go list. There are things you’re just going to need to let go of in life, whether it’s a disagreement or something that bugs you and keeps you awake at night. Write it down, let it go.

7. Write down questions for yourself.

When you’re feeling negative or need to rethink things, make a list of questions for yourself. Give yourself a mock interview where you answer questions honestly and give yourself a chance to look at your achievements and rephrase the things that happen to you. A great way to keep track of your thoughts is by logging them in our Stress Less Journal in the weekly journaling sections.

8. Make lists of people to call.

Write down a list of people that you want to have at least a half-hour phone conversation with, from your elderly relatives to your best friend. Keep the promise and give them a call, and see how it boosts your mood.

9. Make a ‘things to do’ list.

Not just a to-do list, your things to-do list should contain all the things you’ve always wanted to do but never had time for, the experiences you’ve always wanted from swimming with dolphins to visiting Machu Picchu, make a list of these things and promise yourself that you’ll actually make time to go and tick off your to-do bucket list.

10. Make yourself a five-year plan.

Writing a plan that’s too detailed will only lead to disappointment, so instead, make a plan for five years that’s loose and includes things you really want, including the little things you’ve always wanted to do and be. You can use this to create a sort of self-improvement guide for yourself and work on becoming the best version of yourself in five years’ time. 


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