10 Things To Do Tonight For A Healthier Tomorrow

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We all do our best to live as healthy as possible, but sometimes due to our busy schedules it is hard to remain focused, have you caught yourself grabbing convenient, unhealthy food, just to save time? Do these 10 things tonight for a healthier tomorrow.

#1 Drink a cup of green tea

Green tea is always a good idea! It will give your metabolism a boost and help your body to get rid of all those pesky toxins. Also, it will help you to relax and be calm before going to bed, which will help you sleep more soundly.

#2 Meditate

As a career girl you can get a lot of stress during the day. Clearing your mind with a little meditation will help you settle down and enjoy the rest of your evening. Download an app or check out some YouTube videos for a nice short burst of meditation and mindfulness.

#3 Do some meal prep

An easy way to protect yourself from eating bad food is to do some meal preparation in advance. You can start by making tomorrows breakfast or lunch and work from there. This way you can maintain a balanced and healthy diet during your busy days.

#4 Drink enough water

Of course you already know how important it is to drink enough water during the day. But did you also know that drinking a glass of water right before going to bed will help you to wake up with clearer skin? Add some lemon for an extra detox.

#5 Take care of your skin

If you don’t need to go anywhere, take off your make up and pamper yourself with a nice face mask. A cleansing mask followed by a hydrating night cream will allow your skin to breath during the night. The next morning your skin is soft and clean. Why not try multimasking if you’re looking for a new and revolutionary way to combat all your skin problems?

#6 Do some yoga

This one is my favourite! Especially for the career girls who spend a lot of time behind their desks, try doing some yoga. There are several ‘after-a-day-in-the-office’ videos on YouTube and most of them are very easy. You can also download a Yoga app and do some of the stretches featured, you’ll wake up with well stretched limbs and feel much more able to tackle the day.

#7 Switch carbs for protein

When you are spending a lovely night in on the couch with your favourite show, it’s tempting to grab a bundle of snacks. Which is totally fine, but try to switch carbs for protein. So ditch the popcorn and chips and try to eat some yoghurt with fruit or nuts. Those are easier for your body to digest and won’t keep you awake all night.

#8 Workout

An intense workout will clear your head and reduce stress. You can hit the gym or just go for a run. That’s all up to you. Once you’re done you will not only be proud of yourself (hello endorphins), but you will be ready to face a new day!

#9 Pick your outfit for tomorrow

In the morning us career girls are always short on time. By picking your outfit the day before you save so much time. You can now do your hair and make-up and still have time left for a great breakfast!

#10 Turn off your laptop and phone

Switching off all electronics at least one hour before you go to bed can help you get a better sleep. So before you get ready for bed, shut down your laptop and read a book or make yourself a nice cup of (green) tea before going to bed. Every career girl needs her beauty sleep.

What do you do tonight for a healthier tomorrow? Let me know!


By Shelley Beekman



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  1. Lovely tips! I believe these are beneficial to everyone not just career girls which is what makes this post one of my favorites! Thank you for sharing <3

  2. This is exactly what I need! I want to try getting into more a nighttime routine now that my worklife has got a lot busier and this is perfect..great tips, thankyou!

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