10 Things We All Say To Ourselves While Shopping

Do you enjoy shopping? I do! Without a doubt, whenever you need a break, shopping can be one of the most relaxing things to do on a girls’ day out. But let’s be true to ourselves: Haven’t we all said at least one of these things to ourselves while shopping?

“That’s the ONE thing I’ve wanted ALL MY LIFE.”

I’ve thought this about a zillion times – and you know what, there have been a lot of one thing’s I’ve wanted all my life.

“If you add it all up… Yeah, that might be more than what I was planning to spend.”

Whenever I go shopping, my mathematics-skills seem to vanish immediately. To make sure you’re not broke right after pay day, I strongly suggest not carrying too much money with you – you never know what a girl gone shopping-obsessed will do otherwise.

“That looked way better in the changing room.”

It happens, and I have my suspicions that it has something to with the lightning in the changing rooms which I guess is supposed to make sure you look good in pretty much everything you wear.

“Why does everyone wear the same shoe size?”

Whenever you go to grab your shoe size it’s gone. Why? Why does everybody wear the same shoe size?

“That can’t possibly be size M, right?”

It’s so disappointing when you go to one shop where medium fits you best, but in the next shop at least 5 sizes bigger is necessary. Personally, I believe that some shops make up their own sizes, but I can’t quite prove it yet…

“Where am I going?”

Every time I’m at the mall and I leave a shop, I look to my left and to my right and it all looks the same: shops everywhere. Mostly, I don’t have a clue what direction I came from and which shops I’ve not yet been to.

“Maybe we should go to Starbucks next.”

No matter if you have a date which absolutely requires getting a new dress or you got so obsessed with these new boots that you have to get a second pair in a different color – in the end Starbucks may be the one and only place where you will get what you really need.

“This is definitely the hardest choice of my entire life.”

There are a lot of tough choices involved in shopping, but sometimes the one you are facing feels like literally the hardest choice of your life. Even choosing the right university cannot beat that, right?

“This should equal going to the gym.”

When shopping, you walk a lot, which is pretty much like running, which you also do at the gym, so really: Why do we work out when we could go shopping instead?

“Just one more shop…”

It’s never just one.



  • hannah

    Haaaa! This is perfect!


  • A Glossy Thought

    Why everyone has the same shoe size is one of life’s great mysteries?! Have definitely got the calculator up on my phone in the changing room too…guilty! This great post makes me very glad to see I’m not alone

  • camille

    Ahah love this

  • Dana

    This piece is truer than true. Marie, keep up the fantastic work. Loved your starbucks point.. coffee will always be there for you even when clothes aren’t!

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  • Melissa

    HAHAH. Very fun piece.

  • Laura Mareno

    Really good post!! So relatable!! kisses:D


  • Dorit

    Great one, Marie.
    Going shopping should be declared sports. The miles you walk whilst carrying weight!
    And why does everybody have the same shoe size?! Especially on Sales your size won’t be left! LOL
    Maybe you want to check out my post on the madness of dress sizes https://nota38.wordpress.com/2015/04/12/the-madness-of-dress-sizes/?preview=true