10 things you should do to prepare for your job interview

Job interview coming up? Don’t be nervous! If you prepare well you can make the perfect first impression. Just follow these tips.

#1 – Be prepared
Research the company, the job itself, and spend some time thinking about what you personally can bring to the table. If you’re going into a job interview , you should always be prepared to have smart answers to smart questions. And smart answers to dumb questions. Practice first at home.

#2 –  Prepare a list of questions
Make sure you answer your questions SMART. Specific, measurable,  attainable, realistic and timely. Make a list of the most asked interview questions.

#3 Use Linkedin for research
Look up the people interviewing you. Also get a general sense of the type of people who work at the organisation by reading the profiles of several people who work there. Read the person’s profile and look for their keywords, skills, educational background, etc

#4 – Dress for success
Make sure you know what the dress code is for the office. Check with HR before the interview. Don’t dress like you’re going to a nightclub or to the gym. Read our article about power dressing or follow us on Pinterest & Instagram for some office proof outfit inspiration. Make sure you stand out from the crowd, why not wear a pop of colour? Or an interesting scarf

#5 – Bring a copy of your CV
Bring a copy of your cv, a map, a pen and a notebook. Before arrival make sure you know the name of the interviewer.

job interview prepare

#6 – Be aware of your body language
When answering questions make sure you make eye contact with your interviewer. Don’t cross your arms over your chest. The first impression is made in less than 5 seconds, so make sure you’re at your best.

#7 – Don’t forget to smile
Smile and feel confident. (don’t smile too much though)

#8 – Be on time
There’s no explaining needed for this. It’s all about making a great first impression. Running late means you’re unreliable and not taking the job serious in the interviewers eyes. Make it easier for yourself and find out the day before where the office is located. Use Google maps and make sure you’re there at least 15 minutes beforehand.

#9 – Be honest
People are hiring you for who you are. Let your personality show, make sure your interviewer feels comfortable with you as a person, who can bring a lot to the table and is easy to work with. You’re a Career girl after all.

#10 – Send a thank you note
Show your good manners and let them know your really want the job. It’s a nice reminder of who you are. Tell them you really enjoyed the  conversation, and your qualities.


  • Chew gum
  • Have your phone visible
  • Have no questions prepared
  • Have too many questions prepared
  • Bring things with you – a friend, pet, drinks
  • Talk bad about your old job
  • It’s not a ME show, let them know what you can bring to the table

Are you ready for your interview?


  1. Great tips! The best advice someone has given me is to “remember that the interviewer is a person too, so relax”


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