10 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Job Hunting

I realised aged 16 after I failed to pass the online application for the role of Saturday girl in my local clothes store that my road to employment was going to be a bumpy ride.  They apparently wanted me to have a degree, a year’s experience in retail and the world’s best fashion sense, none of which I had when I was 16, or have now aged 20 when I come to think of it. The point being, it seems near impossible to get a job, there is always someone better, always someone more experienced and always something far more exciting to be doing than applying to endless job ads.

#1 There are just not enough jobs in the world

For every job I have applied for there have been over 100 applicants, I’m not much good at percentages but I do know that makes my chances incredibly slim and I should probably just give up now.

#2 How much longer can I get away with saying “I’m looking but there is just nothing out there”?

This is what I tell my mum when she moans at me for not having a job, it is the perfect excuse, but it can wear a little thin after a while.

#3 Ooh what could I spend my first month’s wages on?

I know I haven’t even applied yet but it doesn’t hurt to dream! Realistically it should go straight into my savings account but that would be far too boring.

#4 How many  more CV’s can one person possibly send?

At this point you have probably sent your CV to everyone you have possibly ever known, your mum, your dad, your best friend and even your cat has a copy.

#5 If I have to write Dear Sir/Madam one more time I am going to cry

Does anyone actually ever read a cover letter because I feel like they don’t, yet I have to spend half my day writing what may well just be called a cry for help because no one seems to want to employ me and my CV is nowhere near impressive enough to stand alone.

#6 Maybe I should just work with animals

Let’s be honest, they don’t argue back and they wouldn’t moan at me if I missed the train and turned up late. Who wants to work with other humans when you could be working with animals everyday.

#7 When will the new PLL season be out on Netflix?

*Sigh* Seriously, we unemployed have a lot of time on our hands. I have been through pretty much every series on Netflix, twice, and I need some light entertainment to help with the endless rejection.

#8 Maybe I should just start my own business!

There must be a gap in the market for me somewhere! Right?

#9 You mean people actually wake up at 6am?

What time even is that? If that’s what it’s like to be employed then I would far rather stay in bed and not get paid thank you very much.

#10 What must it be like to be employed?

It now seems like you may never get that dream job but trust me you will. Stick with it, write another cover letter, write another CV and go out there and shine like you are supposed to.

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  • https://pandaonavespa.wordpress.com/ Arianna

    I had so many times the same thoughts (especially the ones about working with animals and about PLL). How the hell are we supposed to find a job in this crazy world???


    Thank you for writing this post: it makes me feel like I am not alone in this!


    • http://careergirldaily.com Celina

      I am glad you liked our post Arianna! xx

  • http://fashionbackyard.blogspot.fr/ Camille Beygui

    Ahah this is so true



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