#Careergirlconfessions: 10 Thoughts You Have When You’re Being Healthy For The New Year

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You’ve embraced this month full of optimism, but as the days creep by you’re starting to realise that’s it not as easy as you thought it would be to keep to your healthy resolutions. You’re missing the Christmas laziness, and it will be no surprise if you’ve had these 10 thoughts when you’re trying to be healthy for the New Year.

I’m just bored, not hungry

Lazing around and snacking go hand-in-hand. Everyone knows one of the best ways to combat boredom is to eat, so that pang in your stomach must just be boredom, right? Of course you’re full on carrot sticks and hummus, it’s just the back-to-work boredom trying to convince you otherwise.


I miss wine and cheese

When your diet has consisted of nothing but fatty foods, and drinking everyday has been totally acceptable, it’s a big jump to switch to the greens. Everything you eat feels bland, and your evening craving for a glass of wine is as present as ever.

There must be a healthy way to make chocolate cake

You’re desperate for those treats that you love, but are absolutely convinced that the recipe that swaps chickpeas for flour will be equally as tasty. You need more than anything for it to taste just as good, but no matter how hard you try to convince yourself you’re still left wanting a real cake afterwards.

One cookie won’t hurt

The best part about hard work is the rewards. You’ve eaten healthily all day, and what better to congratulate yourself than with a little treat. That salad you had for lunch will have saved you tons of calories, what harm could a little cookie do?

Am I ready to step on the scales yet?

They are covered in dust, and have been safely tucked away throughout the whole of December, but it feels like you’ve been being healthy for a lifetime. Your jeans are starting to dig into you less, but have you got the courage to see a number?

How can a sandwich be so cheap and a salad cost so much?

December has completely drained your purse, and as much as you want to be healthy you’re desperate to save money too. The sandwich full of saturated fat and carbs is pennies, but that wholesome salad’s price is almost as horrifying as sugar.

Is it normal for my body to hurt this much?

Your new gym regime is slowly tearing you apart bit by bit. After days of Netflix binges, and only moving to get more food, it’s no surprise that your fitness levels have seriously dropped.

Is it cheat day yet?

The only way to get through yet another green meal is to think of the delightfully beige one you will have as a reward. Your cravings have you thinking of every cheat meal you can get your hands on, and you’re counting down the minutes until it’s in front of you.

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  1. I’ve stuck to my healthy eating plan and exercising for one week into the new year, and I’ve already messed that up lol

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