5 Time Management Hacks Every 20 Something Should Know



When you’re in your twenties it can be tough to balance everything, from maintaining relationships to growing your career and saving for those big milestones like buying a house. Your twenties can be the toughest era of your life, but there are a few life lessons most people wish they could tell their younger selves. Here are a few of our favorite time management mantras.


1. Work when you’re in the zone 
It’s difficult to define your ‘zone’ when you work in an office or on company time, but there are going to be days where you just can’t get the flow of work started. Whether there are distractions in your personal life or your environment isn’t inspiring you, you can’t expect to do good work when you aren’t feeling it – and pushing yourself to do it is the fastest way to lead yourself to a burnout.

Starting with small tasks to get the workflow going is the best way to get into the zone, but if you’re really struggling nobody will judge you for having a quick break or walking around the office for 5 minutes. Check out our article on ways to de-stress at your desk for some handy tips!

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2. Doing something is better than doing it perfectly
What’s the one weakness everybody claims to have in a job interview? Perfectionism. Actually, perfectionism can lead to poor results. You can’t expect to do everything perfectly and you can definitely waste time trying to, so sometimes you need to remember that just doing something is better than doing it perfectly. Think of all the first drafts of great books, they started off as something that was just ‘done’, before they were edited.

3. More hours doesn’t mean more work 
Working within a limit actually makes you more productive. If you know you have a cut-off point you will be more eager to get tasks done. So all you entrepreneurial career girls who’ve read our article on the mistakes to avoid in your first need of business also need to beware of having unlimited office hours, you will never get anything done if you don’t set aside a certain amount of time to do it in.

4. Learn to delegate 
Something we can’t stress enough here at CGD HQ is delegation. Learn what the strengths of the people around you are and use them to your benefit. Don’t waste 90% of your time on a task that could take someone else 10% of theirs.

5. Live your dream life 
If your time was a pie chart, how would it be segmented? Would work take up 75% of your pie? How much time do you set aside for fun and social activities? Now, make your dream life pie chart. How much time does everything take up? Adjust your life accordingly – you do only live once.

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  • Yasmin

    That’s what I needed today, thank you!

  • Amy Sewell

    Great points. I would also add the importance of a “to do” list. That goes a long way toward being productive and eliminating the stress of trying to remember what needs to get done. http://www.shopwithstyle.com

  • Albina Abdulina

    I only see 6 tips… title says 7 and your link address suggests 10.

  • Camille Beygui

    Great post

  • dreamofadventures

    Great tips! I agree with the more hours means more work.


  • Creating Belinda

    Really great tips… your last tip regarding the pie chart is genius. We sometimes are just robotic and just go in the flow of things and instead stop and think of the path you want to lead. Thanks for this!

    Belinda @ creatingbelinda.com

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