10 Tips For Throwing A Chic Party On A Budget

Party season is approaching! Sometimes the thought of throwing a party can put us into a panic, whether it’s a Halloween party with friends, a casual dinner party or a more elaborate Christmas shindig, throwing a party does not have to be an expensive or elaborate affair. In fact, some of the best parties are unplanned and easy-going; it keeps people feeling relaxed. Over planning will only stress you out, as will worrying about how much money you’re spending.

Here are 10 things to help you keep your party chic, but still budget friendly.

#1 Getting Ready

There are plenty of budget-friendly ways to get yourself ready for a party. If you feel your wardrobe is lacking a perfect outfit, go to places like Pinterest and Tumblr for fashion inspiration; you might find yourself falling in love with pieces of clothing you haven’t seen for years. Even more fun? Have a clothes swap with your girlfriends for the evening, it’s like a brand new outfit you can wear for free and return the next day. Plus, if you need makeup inspiration – you can just check YouTube for creative ways to use what you already have!

#2 The Drinks

If you and your guests are drinkers, purchasing the alcohol for everyone can be a bit of a pricey task. Instead of buying an array of different drinks to try to cater for everyone, select a few items such as a couple of spirits and mixers, along with some fruit, and make your own alcoholic punch. If you’re a lady that likes her drinks to look pretty, choose mixers such as cranberry and orange juice to keep things bright and add fruit to the mixture to keep it interesting. Everyone is more than catered for and a punch bowl is a great excuse to use plastic cups, instead of buying expensive wine glasses. Let your guests know what drinks you’ll be serving and if they want something different, they’ll bring their own.

#3 The Food

If you’re planning on serving food, don’t fret about not having enough tableware for everyone – and definitely don’t worry about going out to buy some more. Serving your food as a buffet makes the use of paper plates more than acceptable. Plenty of supermarkets have a wide selection of paper plates and cups available, some of them very cute – they don’t have to be plain, white and boring. You could also invite your guests to bring their own dishes if they want, or perhaps even ask your best friend if she can bring dessert.

#4 The Decorations

Inexpensive decorations are incredibly easy to find. Your local supermarket or pound shop will stock plenty of pretty streamers and tissue paper that you can turn into lovely decorations with the help of craft boards on Pinterest. Using items with multiple uses is also a great way to save money, such as using candles for both lighting and decor.

#5 The Entertainment

Almost everyone will be happy with some good music to dance to at a party. When your guests RSVP to your party, ask them to send in a song request with their response. Collect all those responses and create a custom playlist; everyone will love it and by using an app such as Spotify, you can continue to add requests throughout the night. For any big drinking parties with guests looking to blow off some serious steam, there are plenty of drinking games you can find online that will cost you nothing – all you’ll usually need is a pack of cards.

#6 The Invitations

No one expects a handwritten invitation to a party these days unless it’s a wedding or some sort of formal occasion. Take advantage of social media and create a Facebook event. It’s a great way of keeping up to date with your guests if they cancel last minute and to communicate any changes to your party very quickly. If you really love the idea of sending invitations to everybody, create and print them yourself! You can use a variety of design tools, like Canva for example, to create a cute design, save it, and print it on some card. Done!

#7 Keep Your Guest list Small

Try to prioritize the people you actually want to invite to your party. You’ll most likely feel the need to invite a large group of people, but the reality is that you will probably enjoy a party better with just your good friends there, rather than having acquaintances dotted around the room too. More importantly, the smaller the guest list, the less people you have to cater for and ultimately, the less money you’ll spend.

#8 Ask For Help

Don’t think you’ll have enough plastic cups for everyone? Ask a friend to bring some over for you. Need a little extra vodka for your punch bowl? Ask your sister if she has any to spare. Don’t go out to buy extra when one of your guests might have just what you’re looking for lying around their house.

#9 Have A Potluck Theme

If you’re really on a tight budget, a great way to save money is by having a potluck theme to your party. A potluck means that each guest is invited to bring a dish or food of their choice to the party. The same could apply to drinks. It’s a great money saver and an easy way to cater for everyone – everyone will bring something they like.

#10 Don’t Stress

Any host will feel the stress and pressure of throwing a party, especially on a budget. But remember, if you have a good group of people around you, you’ll enjoy yourself no matter what you’re doing and how much money you spend.

By Chloe Kenyon


  • Drumles Den Haag

    I always do a potluck at my party’s. Not because it’s cheaper, but it’s less dishes and more exiting food. Love it!

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    This is such a great post, love the idea of everyone having a song request!


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    This is such a great post

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