It’s OK You’re Normal: 10 Things Every Woman Goes Through

Sometimes it’s easy to think you’re all on your own. That your experiences are completely unique and that only you can really know what it feels like to fail, that’s not true! There are some things in life that every woman goes through. It’s OK, you’re normal!

#1 Successstep_hem_jersey_top_-_grey_stripe (1)

There are times in our lives when we feel on top of the world and utterly invincible. Every aspect of life seems to be right on track. Perhaps you were accepted to that exclusive college course, nailed that pitch at work or passed an exam with flying colours. The feeling when everything is going right is incredible.

#2 Failure

However there are times when things go wrong. Rejection is tough, very tough. It may be getting passed by for that promotion or having that awesome idea ignored. This will pass. Every woman goes through difficult times. You will learn so much, grow stronger and ultimately be better for it.

#3 Body confidence

It may be those incredible jeans that make you feel amazing or it could be the feeling that comes with working out regularly. There are periods for every woman when she knows she looks sensational. Embrace it and be proud of your body.

#4 Hating your body

Sadly, there are times in every girl’s life when she isn’t a fan of the reflection in the mirror. Sometimes those hours staring at toned bodies on Instagram can be de-motivating. It can make us feel out of shape. Our advice is to eat a balanced diet and do a little exercise. Your body is amazing and capable of so much.  Be proud of it.

#5 Realising that it’s time to become sensible with money

Being financially savvy is a must for career women. Us ladies know being in control of our spending is key to financial happiness. Monitor your bank account, start a savings account and plan your financial goals. The feeling of having financial security is very comforting.

#6 Independence

Moving out of home for the first time can feel both exciting and daunting. Away from family and friends to rely upon will mean all the responsibility stops with you. Grocery shopping, bills and insurance are all things to be taken into consideration. Having true independence and going home to your own place is hugely empowering for career women.

#7 Caring about health and wellbeing

There comes a time in every woman’s life where she realises it is essential to care for her body. Our bodies are incredible. When they are well cared for and nourished then you will be at the top of your game. Health and wellbeing is very on trend at the moment. It’s easier than ever to eat well. There will come a point in each girl’s life when she realises, junk food just won’t cut it. Eat well, be active  and your productivity levels will rocket.

#8 Having a smaller social circle

At school it seems like the most important thing to have a huge network of friends. However as you get older this will be less important.  What will be essential is having a few proper friends that you trust. They will be there through both the great and difficult times.

#9 Realising that it will all be ok

With age, comes experience. As we mature and have more life experience we develop a better sense of self.  Perhaps in the past knocks may have crippled  your self confidence. However with time, we come to realise these feelings are only temporary. Nothing is permanent. Things will get better.

#10 Loss

This is a tough one. At some point all women will experience some form of loss. These times are very difficult to deal with. Take care of yourself, ask for help when needed and turn to family and friends for  support.

By Catherine Murphy

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  • Laura Mareno

    Amazing post!! What a big truth! kisses:D

  • camille

    Awesome post

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  • Shelly

    Simple, clear and true! Spot on, thank you for an awesome post!

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  • Saria

    I agree with the small circle of friends completely. However, when You live in country like Mine, it happens that this circle of friends soon becomes scattered around the world. As for the other things, totally true.

    SJay // The Chronic Dreamer | A Lifestyle Blog

  • Sonam

    This is something every woman should read, to make them realise how many phases they have experienced in their life! Enjoyed reading this post :)

    Sonam –

  • Helen

    An interesting post, I guess that the intention was to support people who feel they are not normal because sometimes they feel bad. I am touched that you believe that 1 (you feel invincible), 3 (you know you look sensational) and 9 (you realise it’s all going to be ok) are true for everyone at some point. I think you might consider that there are some people who never feel those things. And if they read it, then they WILL feel like they are not normal.

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