10 Tried And Tested Health Tips For Career Girls

Trying to get in shape is almost impossible if you have a hectic schedule, it can feel like you never get a minute to yourself – and you’re hardly going to want to spend it exercising! We’re all busy girls here at CGD, and it’s so easy to reach for convenient food and sink into the sofa after a long day, so we’ve come up with some crucial health tips for career girls like us!

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#1 Don’t skip breakfast
It’s so easy to do when you’re running behind or have no appetite in the morning, but grabbing breakfast will stop you from pigging out later on in the day. Make sure you have plenty of healthy and quick breakfast options lined up, wholemeal toast, yoghurt, porridge and granola are all excellent choices for morning fuel!

#2 Prepare meals in advance
Prepare your dinners in advance and put them in the freezer, that way you can take out your dinner in the morning, go to work and pop it in the oven when you return. Make sure the meals you prepare are diverse and packed with good ingredients so you can avoid the temptation to order a takeaway or shove something in the microwave!

#3 Find time in the morning
If you’re strapped for time to work out, the morning is the best time for thirty minute yoga sessions or a quick run. It’ll give you a boost for the rest of your day, and mean you have more time to chill in the evening!

#4 Download an app
Seriously, your phone can do anything these days! You can get reminders to work out, and connect to a variety of brilliant fitness and food tracking apps to keep you on track, so you don’t have to think about it! Here’s a list of great fitness apps we curated just for you!

#5 Find a buddy
It’s worth finding a partner who wants to go on a health kick too, someone who’s equally busy and is prepared to be your motivation and guilt trip you into working out. Doing things in pairs is so much more fun!

#6 Pay for a gym membership
Yes, sometimes gym memberships are extortionate, but once you’ve paid you’re likely to feel guilty and actually go more often. You can’t waste money on something you don’t use, especially when you could’ve spent that money on something SO much more rewarding (like clothes!)

#7 Buy new gear
Bribe yourself into working out with a cute pair of yoga pants or some new trainers, it really works to get you thinking about your spare time. Leave your trainers in a place where you’ll see them if you’re relaxing, and use them as motivation to get up and do some at-home workouts.

#8 Get a killer workout playlist going
Having a workout playlist on your phone or music player will get you pumped up and remind you that you have some time to kill doing basic workouts or lifting weights. We made our own pumped-up playlist a while back, check it out here.

#9 Organise
If you’re struggling with time, it’s time to dedicate a weekend to planning your activities and objectives out. It shouldn’t take long to identify blocks of free time you can dedicate to working out and meal-planning, and make sure to reward yourself for achieving your goals!

#10 Fast food doesn’t have to be fattening
If you still need to grab things on your way to work, opt for cereal bars and low-fat snacks, and a smoothie to wash it down with. You can also subscribe to a healthy snack service like Graze to get your chocolate fix without feeling guilty! There are also plenty of fast-food places that champion health foods, so take a look at what’s in your area and don’t be afraid to try something new. You can always use Deliveroo to get delicious and healthy take out from nearby restaurants!

It takes a bit of planning and organisation but being healthy while you’re busy doesn’t have to be a struggle! Let us know if you have any tips for other busy girls on staying fit and healthy in the comments below and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Bloglovin to stay up-to-date with everything us CGD girls are up to and to be the first in-the-know with our amazing updates and giveaways!

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  1. these are great tips. I don’t think I can adhere to all these but I will slowly work my way down the list! thanks for sharing :) xx lovejoystyles.com

  2. I feel so much better going into the workweek if I have grocery shopped and planned meals over the weekend. Just a couple hours will save time and loads of stress during the week. I’m getting back on my health kick this week! Can you tell?


  3. This is such a helpful tip for career woman like me. I always have an excuse when it comes to getting fit, and my busy schedule is one of my problem. But I’ll take the tip of doing it in the morning and do my best not to skip my breakfast anymore. I also support my body’s needs by taking supplements since I seldom eat the most nutritious foods. if anyone wants to know these supplements, you can find it here

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