10 Ways Successful People Think Differently About Money

“If you want to be rich, think rich.” Might actually apply here…



The most successful people know a thing or two about money. But, like we said earlier this week, we weren’t taught about managing money in school, so you need to take a little time to learn these things.

If you want to be successful, you need to change your mindset. Here’s how successful people do it.

1. They change the way they think about how much they earn

Successful people know that you must live on less than you earn. You can’t rely on a credit card or loans for your whole life. So instead of thinking “I earn x amount, I have loads to spend” tell yourself you only earn what you have after bills, rent, taxes, and expenses.

2. They think about investments

Don’t just think that investing is something other people do. Read our guide on investments and seriously consider your financial portfolio. Be smart about what your risk vs return and meet with a financial advisor.

3. They think about alternate incomes

Successful people go the extra mile with money. You’ll often find successful people do not have one form of income. Why don’t you sell your unwanted clothes online and make a little extra money, then think about smart business strategies, it will soon all add up!

4. They are sure to have a plan

Don’t just push aside bills when they arrive, set a time each month to sit down and get them sorted and you then will not have the worry of them sitting there 2 weeks later. Pay them off and then you know exactly what your bank account is going to look like for the next month.

5. They know not to dip into savings

Set aside and do not touch…I repeat do not touch. Each payday, have a set percentage or amount that you put into an ISA or savings account. I promise you, if you do this every month you will be surprised how quickly your savings will increase and how your budgeting skills will improve.

6. They always keep a record

You’ll often find successful people jot down roughly how much money they have spent on food, bills, and social events over the month, as well as business expenses and other important things. By doing this you become a lot more aware of where your money is going and more importantly where you are wasting it.

7. They keep spending to a minimum

Always consider the future of what you’re buying. Buy pieces that will wear for seasons to come, and even come back in style in a year or two. Invest in things that look amazing, don’t spend tonnes on basics. Be smart and savvy about your spending plan.

8. They cut out the small things

$20 a week or more on just morning coffee? Why don’t you just buy a travel cup and make your coffee before you leave! Save waiting in a queue and have an extra $20 a week in your pocket, sounds like a no brainer! Successful people often have the money to spend on these small things but know the snowball effect these purchases have, and would rather have their favorite comforts from home!

9. They know you have to barter sometimes

Put your career girl characteristics into practice. When renewals for car insurances come round, for example, do not just settle and pay what’s been asked. Look around, there are new deals every day, go back to your insurance and question why a company is cheaper than theirs. You will often find they will at least drop to a competitors price to keep you with them! Never settle, look for better!

10. They are flexible

No one can stick to spending an exact amount every single month, obviously, things pop up that can not be helped. So review your plan and account every couple of months to keep on track and see where you can improve.


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