10 Ways To Have A Happier Work Day

deskOh we all have those days when work just drags on, when you’re just not in the mood to deal with your tasks, superiors and co-workers and every little thing that comes up just ticks you off. Whether it’s hormonal or you’re just having a bad day, here are 16 ways to a happier work day.

#1 Identify the source of your unhappiness

You might not know why you’re grumpy, but taking a couple of minutes to think about if there’s one reason and whether it has anything to do with the work place. Sometimes it is best just to let your mood run its course but if you can think of one reason why you’re so unhappy you’re in a better position to let it go! Sometimes, if you don’t start the day right you can ruin your whole mood, if you want to know how to start the morning right why not check out our list of tips to make the most of your mornings!

#2 If you can’t control it, don’t worry about it

A lot of the time we’re unhappy because we worry about things we can’t control, when it’s out of our hands it spends a lot of time in our heads, and causes undue stress and worry. Take a step back and realise that you just have to keep going.

#3 Take a time out

Yeah, you’re allowed to take a time out. Put your headphones in if you’re allowed to or just go for a brisk walk around the office with some papers in hand to give your mind time to clear. If you have to wait until lunch, take yours to a quiet spot or sit with your favourite uplifting people. A break works wonders!

#4 Be comfortable

Another thing that can add to your unhappiness is feeling uncomfortable, if you’re wearing something stylish that feels horrible you’ll be sitting in it all day. Make sure that the attire you choose for the office makes you feel confident and more importantly comfortable. Be sure to check out our list of stylish, comfortable and work appropriate attire!

#5 Get your posture right

You’d never know the importance of sitting up straight in a proper chair that supports you. If you are feeling a little drained, straighten your back and push your shoulders back and you may feel instantly revived. Some studies have shown that sitting up straight increases your ability to access positive memories and can make you feel more confident! (Source)

#6 Decorate your desk

A few cheery photos and beautiful organisation bits will brighten up your desk and make you actually want to spend time there. There’s nothing worse than sitting at a dog eared desk with tonnes of messy papers and filing strewn across it, so take some time to make it luxurious and enjoy your time at the desk.

#7 Do a tidy up

Yep, do a bit of a tidy up. Organise those papers once and for all, put systems in place to get things done and invest in a sturdy desk tidy to help stow away any papers or pens that might be roaming and ruining your harmonious desk. Once you’ve de-cluttered your work space you might feel a little lighter and happier.

#8 Get a good after-work system

If you promise yourself a treat after work, you might be more inclined to get through the day with a smile on your face. Whether you let yourself wander through your local shops and splurge or tell yourself you’re going to get a new book or tv show to watch.

#9 Mind your treats

It’s normal to keep treats around the office, especially if you work in a place where confectionary companies send you freebies every day. One of the best ways to avoid a crushing mood is to cut down your sugar, so maybe it’s time to make sure the treats you have on deck are equally delicious but also good for your health. Nuts, berries and fruits are great, you can also sign up to something like a Graze box and receive healthy and yummy treats to keep you sustained.

#10 Do the hard stuff early

It’s tempting to leave all the worst stuff till late in the day, but that will leave you with the dread of the tasks looming over you and then a mad dash to get it completed which will leave you to complete your commute home in a foul, stressed mood. If you get the hardest, most dreaded tasks done first the rest of your day is plain sailing and you can leave work on something easy.


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