10 Ways To Relax When You Only Have 10 Minutes


Wondering how to relax in ten minutes? The life of a career girl is a busy one: one filled with events, situations, and tasks that all add up to create an unimaginably stressful living environment. Taking time, no matter how short that amount of time may be, to relax and de-stress is essential to prevent feelings of resentment towards your job.

However, many of us do not always have time to go to the spa for a whole day and be pampered from head to toe. These 10 methods of relaxing will have you back to your amazing self in under 10 minutes, and leave you feeling refreshed and unruffled by stress. Breathe.

1. Listen to a few minutes of relaxing music.

It’s been proven in countless psychological studies that listening to music lowers your blood pressure and is a reliable way to relieve stress. Slip-on some headphones, and let your eyes drift shut as the gentle beats of your favorite relaxation playlist soothe your stress!

2. Go for a quick walk, or stretch.

A study by the APA (American Psychological Association) has shown many times that only 10 minutes of physical activity per day can increase happiness, help in healing depressed feelings, and improve your overall mood by a long shot. Going outside is perhaps the best way to do this, so take a quick walk down the sidewalk and breathe in the fresh air. Your body, mind, and emotions will thank you.

3. Have a treat.

Sometimes, when you are having an extremely stressful (or just plain terrible!) day, the best thing to do is to grab your favorite thing: whether it be an adorable mug filled with some steaming tea, a cracker with jam, or chocolate, you will feel way better after indulging in something you love. Just remember to eat your favorite junk food in moderation, so you don’t end up with more stress later from guilt over binging on Cadbury bars or drinking 3 cups of coffee.

4. Call a friend or family member for a quick chat.

Hearing the voice of someone you care about is shown to instantly activate areas of your brain that produce feelings of happiness (and of course, love). Give a friend, your mom, your sister, or anyone you love a quick call. Hearing their voice will ground you, and help reinforce the idea that everything will get better. No matter how short the call, it will help both you and them. Friends and family members always know how to relax in ten minutes, it’s usually a good gossip that’ll calm you down.

5. Write things down!

Writing things down can help relieve stress, but one of the best methods to feel more relaxed is to write about things you are grateful for. This can be anything, from writing down what good things have happened in your ‘terrible day’, or writing down a list of your favorite things about Christmas time.

6. Light a candle (or 3!)

For many people, candles symbolize feelings of calm and relaxation. Picking some in your favorite (preferably calming) scents can instantly calm your nerves. Take a deep breath and realize that it will all be okay soon. Whatever makes you the happiest is what you should do. When you’re wondering how to relax in ten minutes, get that aromatherapy going, take a deep breath and relax.

7. Write a bucket list

Bucket lists are one of the more popular things done by people nowadays. Basically lists of things you want to do, places you want to go, or anything else that you want to see/do/eat before you die, these lists are ways to open up your imagination. Reach really far into the depths of your soul, write down things that terrify you, that inspire you, that fascinate you. Having a list of things that you want to do will allow you to seek out those things more easily.

8. Spoil yourself

Apply that expensive new black tea face mask you’ve been dying to try. Paint a quick coat of that gorgeous new color onto your nails. Spread some of that amazingly beautiful smelling lotion onto your hands and arms. Whatever makes you feel beautiful, radiant, and relaxed is what you should do. Also, remember that stress, at the end of the day, is not the biggest part of your life. Things will always get better.

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