11 Things To Steal From Your Boyfriend Tonight

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 11.18.13It’s not uncommon for people in relationships to reminisce about being single. After all, single life has a lot of perks; no one stealing the covers from you at night, only having to pick up after yourself instead of your boyfriend, the list goes on. However, there are some perks to having a man in your life, one of those being that you can steal their belongings for your own use. Here are 11 things you can steal from your boyfriend tonight!

#1 His shirt

Your boyfriend’s shirt can be more for you than just something to throw on in the morning. Over-sized shirts look great with skinny jeans, especially when worn with heels. His shirt could become your newest addition to your favorite outfit.

#2 His styptic pencil

If he has one. These things work miracles. They’re designed to help men stop a bleed on their face from a shaving cut, but women have shaving accidents too and they hurt like hell; especially if you’re unfortunate enough to slice that hellish skin behind your knee. And not that we recommend popping a pimple, but if you do, it’ll freeze that, too.

#3 His shaving cream

If it’s good enough for his face, it’s good enough for your legs. Men’s shaving cream is made to be kinder to skin and without all the perfume, which can often irritate skin even more.

#4 His moisturiser

Men have moisturiser too, and often there’s is cheaper and just as effective as our version. Sure it might smell different, but if you need a quick hydration overnight, use his moisturiser and feel good about it!

#5 His deodorant

Men’s deodorant is stronger than women’s and quite often cheaper too. Borrow some of it and don’t feel bad, because it will definitely last all day.

#6 His hoody

There’s something very comforting and relaxing about throwing on your boyfriend’s hoody or sweatshirt. They’re just so big and warm, not to mention; over-sized is in.

#7 His lip balm

If you’re not a fan of the glossy look, men’s lip balms are made to appear matte to avoid the feminine appearance of gloss. Perfect for a woman that favours the matte effect.

#8 His “bronzer”

Some men tan and there is nothing wrong with it. Men’s tanning creams and gels are often made to withstand sweat and activities such as swimming, making them less prone to streaking than women’s fake tans.

 #9 His razor

They’re specifically designed to give a closer shave and navigate more difficult areas; working wonders for those tricky knees and ankles.

#10 His hair products

9 times out of 10, men’s hair products will give a stronger hold than women’s as they’re designed for shorter, coarser hair. And they smell amazing.

#11 His food

A lot of us ladies can sometimes get a little too consumed by a strict diet and in doing so, we’re soon craving something salty and full of fat. His cupboards can be your salvation on cheat days and let’s face it, doesn’t food taste that little bit better when it’s provided by someone else?

By Chloe Kenyon

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  • camille

    Cool post

  • Wandering Wonderful

    We have an on going fight in this house over who owns a certain hoodie. Whoever gets to it first gets it for the day.

    I swear by unscented mens deodorant. I have been wearing it exclusively for years!

  • Lucija

    Men’s deodorant for gym sesh or a run is gold. Also, men’s razors are million times better and I claimed one of his hoodies as soon as I had the opportunity. :D


  • Melissa

    I usually take my husbands henley’s haha! But he takes my hair products, I’ve found him rummaging through my haircare stash on a few occasions already, hahaha!