11 Ways To Unleash Your Inner-Awesomeness

shoes2Everyone has a spark, something burning inside of them that keeps their heart ticking.  Some of us are born knowing deep down what that something is, but most of us have to unlock it.  Figuring out what the spark is and latching onto it isn’t easy, I would know. Actually, it’s frustrating and discouraging and just outright hard. But let me tell you, you are awesome.  I know that you’re awesome and so do you. Here are a handful of ways to unleash that inner spark!

#1 Laugh.

Tonight when you’re sitting at the dinner table, force yourself to laugh at random.  It will sound ridiculous at first.  But just watch, laughter is contagious.

#2 Talk to somebody you’ve never spoken with before.

On the bus, the tube, in an elevator.  Oftentimes, we cross paths with the same people everyday and never actually interact.  You may be sitting beside your future boss, ordering a coffee from your future fiancé, or holding the door for the woman who inspires you to travel the world.  You won’t know any of this unless you say hi.

#3 Be aware of what advertisements attract you.

Ads are everywhere and have a major influence on us, even if we don’t consciously recognize it.  Ads cover everything and anything, and you can learn a lot about yourself by analyzing what sorts of billboards and magazine pages you are drawn to.  You might find a new hobby, a clothing brand, or a great inspiration!

#4 Get competitive.

Comparison and competition are not the same thing.  The former is detrimental and the latter is stimulating.  What do you get really competitive about?  More often than not, the things you compete over are the things you’re passionate about.

#5 Flaunt it.

Are you good at something?  Do you take pride in what you do?  Tell people.  Show them what you’ve been working on.  Having public support – as opposed to keeping it all inside – might just give you the motivation you need to push forward.

#6 Forgive.

Grudges only bring us down.  As cheesy as it sounds, life is too short to get caught up in the trivial disagreements of everyday life and temporary relationships.  Take the high road and enjoy what’s ahead.

#7 Go visit a new city.

Cities can be invigorating; they have so much creativity running through every street and alley, like a living breathing creature.  A new city could wake you up, so to speak; it could give you a new perspective, a renewed sense of self, or just an all-round awesome feeling!

#8 Adopt a cat.

Cats are the ultimate icons of sass.  Independent and in control.  If you’re feeling down in life, like nothing is going right, adopt a cat.  Most cats will make you feel as if they’re job is to take care of you, not for you to take care of them.  In any event, you’ll have company.

#9 Listen to music while you get ready in the morning.

The right music can make you feel as if anything is possible!  Turn the radio on to your favourite station and you’ll soon find out you have dance moves you never even knew about!

#9 Exercise.

The studies on exercise are everywhere.  If you play a sport, even just recreationally, your outlook on life will transform dramatically.  The exercise phenomenon: get active and you’ll feel better.  Just like that!

#10 Plan a get-together.

A lot of the time, we fall into our comfort zones and curl up inside a routine.  I’m a hermit, I go to school, to work, home, repeat.  So take one day or one evening, and plan something with friends or family.  Decide on a theme and go for it!  A little event to organize might be just the splash of inspiration you need.

What brings out the best in you?  How have you unleashed your inner spark? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Britany Powell

  • Zoe Joy

    So helpful and so necessary! I think my favorite tip is #2 we get so caught up in our own worlds or in our phones for that matter and we forget to just embrace the people around us. It’s so crazy to think that I didn’t spark up a conversation with certain people, I wouldn’t have my best friends. Thanks for the inspiration!


    • Britany Powell

      So great to hear your thoughts, Zoe. Thanks!!


  • Kooky koukla

    I agree with this, sometimes it can feel like 1 step forward and 2 steps back. It is important to evaluate how far you have gone and to learn.

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