12 Obvious Signs You’re Working Too Much


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There’s a lot of negativity flying around about working too hard. We all know busy isn’t always best, but from experience, I know when I’m overworked it isn’t always the worst thing. I feel frazzled but full. Filled with purpose, checking stuff off, loving my job, I don’t want to stop. I know that working until the moment I go to bed isn’t really that healthy.

But I also know that if I do it now, I get two whole days off at the weekend! Wahoo! And, I can treat myself with an intense workout and a glass of wine when I’ve done everything I need to.

It’s not too much of a bad thing, as long as you love what you’re doing, and cherish time to yourself at least 2 days a week. So here are a few things you only know when you’re overworked (but still going!)…

1. You start to feel like your laptop is actually a limb. You miss it when you aren’t attached.


I even take my laptop to breakfast with me. It’s the best boyfriend I could ever ask for. Never answers back and shares a green cocktail with me without complaining about health foods. Ahh…

2. Also, you feel like the office will fall apart without you.

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But like, what would happen if you had a day off? Would the building burn down?

3. You make excuses not to hang out because you still have some things to do.

dog gif

Umm, this weekend? Like, this weekend coming? No, I can’t. I still have some emails to answer…

4. Your brain has stopped working. All new ideas have ceased.

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You are basically a robot. Functioning only on the task in hand but dropping your debit card on the escalator and trying to drink your deodrant instead of spray it. The mind fog has arrived.

5. People have stopped asking you to hang out. 

giphy (3)

Was it something you said? Oh no, it’s just that your work comes everywhere with you and people are sick of hearing about it…

6. You describe your work as if it were a real person.

giphy (6)

Especially if you describe your work as a ‘baby’ that always needs attention.

7. You’re doing this with yourself in mind.

giphy (2)

You’re not working hard because someone is barking orders at you, you’re doing it for you. Maybe it’s for your own blog or business, or maybe for your own career advancement so it doesn’t really feel like work. It feels like the best thing in the world.

8. Family members say things like: “You’re working? Again?”


Umm, God Dad. Yes. I like my job. Jeez.

9. Also, people have stopped believing you actually work.

giphy (7)

Nobody can want to work as much as you do. There must be some evil secret you’re covering up. Maybe you’re actually a spy…

10. Even your dreams are filled with work.

giphy (8)

Because there’s nothing better than being at work. Except of course an extremely detailed dream about work.

11. You spend your free time crafting perfectly worded emails with TV on in the background to make you feel more normal.

giphy (5)

Dear Sir. Hello. Hi. To whom it may concern. Hi there.

12. You wake up on your day off in a cold sweat thinking you’ve missed your alarm.

giphy (9)

NOOOO! It’s Saturday but you only remember half-way through putting on your trousers.

All in all, being passionate about your job isn’t so bad. But don’t worry, all you need to do to balance it out is throw your laptop out of the window (kidding!) just remember that you can’t expect to be as fresh at work as you would be after a rest! 

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  • Mai Sch

    I think this article is about me :/

  • LizzieBee

    It’s scary how 7 of these apply for me… Time to take a break!

    Lizzie Bee // mysticthorn.com

  • amelia

    #3 is actually what I look like right now, no lie LOL

  • dreamofadventures

    This made me laugh =o) a few of these definitely apply to me


  • Yankified

    Ummm, doesn’t everyone have the TV on in the background?? Nope? oh…

  • Camille Beygui

    At least I am sure that I am not working too much ahah

  • Yvonne Ashon

    OMG! This sounds like me. Lol

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