13 Easy Ways To Get Your Finances In Order

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Managing your money is the key to success! So, if you’re looking to try and get your finances in order, stop spending, and start saving, these top tips are for you.

1. Create a Spreadsheet 

To easily organise your finances, a spreadsheet is a great way to clearly view all of your income and your outgoings. Use Google Drive to create an easy to follow spreadsheet and check out our list of the best apps for saving money!


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2. Set Up Savings 

A separate savings account is a definite need. Set up a direct debit from your everyday account to your savings, even if it’s just a small amount, it all helps!

3. Organize Direct Debits 

Ensure you have direct debits set up for your credit cards, this way you will avoid any late payment fees and damage to your credit reputation.

4. Refrain From Impulse Purchases 

Easier said than done when you spy those gorgeous bomber jackets we’ve had our eyes on, but trust us, make room in your budget for treats before you splurge!

5. Make A List – Stick To It 

Lists are extremely handy, especially when it comes to shopping. Whether it be shopping for Christmas, clothing or food – always stick to the list! If you read our article on motivational lists, you know just how important they are!

6. Set Budgets for Events 

It’s natural for your salary to differ from that of your peers, you will all earn different amounts due to differing career paths. Perhaps set a group budget for Birthdays so you don’t feel pressured to splash the cash.

7. Emergency Fund 

There’s nothing worse than a surprise trip to the garage because a mysterious warning light has appeared on your car. Save a little each month to fall back on for when these events do occur.


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8. Don’t Be Drawn In By Offers 

Ooh look pringles are buy one get one free, and is that half price Ben & Jerry’s I spy? NO. Stop it. Don’t be drawn in by offers on things you don’t actually need.

9. Make a Packed Lunch 

Yes it sounds quite junior school-like but a packed lunch is much cheaper than a daily visit to the local sandwich shop or overpriced coffee jaunt. Speaking of which…

10. Cut the Coffee 

This one is a tough one, but if you’re trying to talk serious business with your savings then that daily Starbucks fix has gotta go. You could save yourself up to $700. Sounds like a nice holiday doesn’t it?

 11. Use Your Legs 

Is it possible to walk or cycle to walk? If so, do it! It will save you heaps of cash in commuting costs, plus you’ll be getting great exercise too.

12. Seek Out Deals 

Don’t become lazy, when your car insurance renewal comes through (always a joy) then make sure you shop around for the best deal, that also goes for your other bills too!

13. Sell And Buy Online

Online marketplaces like eBay are great for selling your things and buying essentials cheap! Apps like depop are also great for buying and selling clothes, so make sure you’re smart about online selling!

Written by Tilly-Jayne Kidman

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