13 Stylish Gadgets That Make Perfect Gifts



You can always find a great gift when it comes to gadgets. There’s something for everyone, from functional devices to genius life-saving gadgets! Some of these seem to work by magic, but all of them will create magic – especially on Christmas day!



Moleskine Smart Writing Set

This is the tablet of our dreams. Write notes, doodles, and diagrams on the Moleskine Paper Tablet and whatever you put on paper will instantly appear on your phone, or wherever you use the app. It makes organization and creativity so easy. Available here.




Dyson Hair Dryer

This is the must-have hair gadget of this year. The Dyson hair dryer is revolutionary and really cool. It never gets too hot for your hair which prevents heat damage, it was designed with the user in mind, so it’s drop-proof and really easy to hold, as well as boasting a whole host of other cool techy benefits. It’s built to last! Available here.




Always On Power Puff Keychain

For anybody who’s crazy about the fluffy pom-pom keychain trend, this one is just a little bit smarter. You can attach it to your bag or keys and you’ll always have a phone charger. It’s a portable charger with a difference! Available here.



amazon-echo_rsAmazon Echo

Always wanted a personal assistant in your house? Amazon Echo is here for you. Alexa can play from your playlists, tell you pointless facts to help you win arguments, set alarms, update you about your commute route, order things for you, schedule your life, read recipes to you while you cook and she can even hear you from across the room – over loud music. Must have. Available here.



Attachable Tablet Holder

This is the perfect gift for every tablet owner. If you know someone who watches Netflix on a tablet in bed uncomfortably, they need this genius tablet holder. Available here.




Michael Kors Crosby Bracelet

This activity tracker is a little different, it’s a Michael Kors bracelet combined with a fitness tracker. So not only is it chic, it also allows you to track your steps, sleep and set goals. Available here.




Frends Layla Headphones

The staple gadget everybody needs is a great pair of headphones. These Frends headphones give amazing sound quality with memory foam ear cushions. So pretty. Available here.





HP Spectre

This laptop is a marriage of beautiful design and technology together. We are all lusting after it in the office. It’s stunning and comes with matching accessories. It doesn’t just look great, though, it also packs a punch with performance and specs. Available here.




Google Home

Google Home is just a little bit smarter than Amazon Echo. You can ask it questions, tell it to do things, make it play specific songs or playlists, find directions, get phone numbers and recipes, it’s the ultimate personal assistant. Available here.



HP Sprocket Photo Printer

This super cute printer will print your social media photos instantly. If you’ve ever wanted to instantly print your Instagram snaps and stick them on your wall, now you can! Available here


Marble Charging Dock

The perfect desk gadget, this minimal marble block will charge your smartphone, tablet or apple watch, so you can keep your favorite tech on display and fully charged! Available here.

Samsung Virtual Reality Headset

VR is in. If you know someone who’d really enjoy actually being in a game, this is for them. Just don’t play any horror games. Seriously. Available here




The Fitbit is the holy grail of fitness tracking. They come in a variety of designs from functional to fashionable and will track your sleep, activity and give you achievements to brag about. You can see graphs and data about your health easily on your laptop, tablet or phone, too. Available here


Featured photo: Harper and Harley 


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