15 Beauty Products That Are Almost Too Pretty To Use



These beautiful products will look great on any shelf, and work hard on your skin, too. I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for pretty lotions and potions to line up in my bathroom (and show off when I have guests!). These products really are the prettiest of the pack.

Ready to upgrade your shelfie?

1. Sunday Riley Juno Oil

Sunday Riley has done it again, the Juno facial oil isn’t just pretty, it’s perfect. With a blend of cold-pressed antioxidant and superfood seed oils. The Juno oil is for all skin types, it’s cooling, contains UV-shields and is naturally anti-inflammatory. Which means, using just a couple of drops of this on your skin every day will give you a flawlessly even, silky skin tone. Buy it here.

2. FOREO Luna

This is my favorite skincare device of all time. This genius device gave me perfect skin in one week. All you need to do is use it daily as part of your skincare routine, it removes 99.9% of bacteria and will reveal your glow. Buy it here.

3. Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Sérum

Everyone needs a Chanel product on their shelf, from the packaging to the logo they’re just iconic. This intense serum is all about replenishing hydration. So if your skin gets dull or dry after a while, this will resuscitate it and leave it feeling fresh and smooth. Buy it here.

4. Rodin Jasmine Neroli Oil

This face oil will look picture perfect lined up on your shelf or on your dresser. Sometimes, the simpler the packaging the better, as well as this being super pretty, it’s also super hard working too! It’s the first product created by Linda Rodin in her bathroom when nothing she bought worked for her. I love this in the spring when my skin needs to look extra supple. Buy it here.

5. Touche Eclat Blur Primer

You’ve heard of Touche Eclat, the game-changing concealer from Yves Saint Laurent, but have you heard of Touche Eclat primer? OMG, this is life-changing. Put it on before your foundation and it’ll instantly transform any brand of foundation you have into a radiant, Touche Eclat lookalike. You’ll see instant results as your skin will look smoother, luminous and your pores will be invisible. Buy it here.

6. YSL Glossy Stain

Imagine this noir beauty lined up along your vanity! The glossy packaging hides a super nourishing, soft gloss with light reflecting color that will look amazing with or without a full face of makeup. I bought one at the airport and I don’t go anywhere without it. Buy it here.

7. Marc Jacobs Air Blush Soft Glow Duo

How pretty is this blusher from Marc Jacobs? It’s inspired by the runway and will deliver soft, creamy results. It’s a powder that won’t dry out your skin, and thanks to the two intense shimmery shades, you can choose whether to go for a soft natural look or try your hand at strobing. We love these in the office! Buy it here. 

8. Aesop Parsley Seed Antioxidant Serum

I want Aesop in the bathroom of my dream house, something about their simple pharmaceutical packaging just screams ‘cool girl’. This pretty facial oil will work to give you that dream complexion, too. It’s gentle and nourishing, so with continued use, it’ll feed your skin. Use it under your moisturizer to help your products sink in better! Buy it here. 

9. Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder Morning Aura

This futuristic looking gold canister is housing a beautiful secret. Inside, you’ll find a gorgeous combination of moisturizer and primer that Victoria Beckham herself uses every day. I love it because it’s a great alternative to foundation if it doesn’t agree with your skin, it’s translucent and illuminating, and infused with micro-pearls that give you a beautiful base. Buy it here.

10. Votary Facial Oil

If you have combination skin, don’t despair. This is the facial oil you need. Infused with neroli and myrrh, it’ll balance your complexion while it brightens it. Buy it here.

11. French Girl Organics Lumiére Body Oil

French Girl Organics have done it again, every single product they make is pretty enough to proudly display, and the Lumiére body oil is no exception. It’ll work hard to restore nourishment to your body, and leave you looking summer-ready! Buy it here. 

12. Youth To The People Kale Duo

Youth To The People really took us by surprise last year, their kale infused products are a massive seller, and now they’ve created a cute mini duo to display on your bathroom shelf. The age prevention cleanser does wonders for dry, dehydrated skin and fine lines, while the kale + spinach cream restores and rejuvenates skin. They both smell amazing and work so hard to give you incredible skin! Buy it here.


13. Herbivore Moon Fruit Night Treatment

How cute is this little pot of cream? If you’ve been wondering how to get perfect skin overnight, this night treatment might be your answer. While you sleep, it feeds your skin with a mix of fruits and butters, so when you wake up you can say bye-bye to puffiness and dryness! Buy it here. 

14. Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighter

Oh, this really is heaven in a palette. The metallic, shimmery primer is multi-tonal, giving you a beautiful touch of color and light where you need it. I have one in every shade at the moment, using the lighter ones as a highlighter, and the darker ones as a touch of bronzer. You don’t know what you’re missing until you try them! Buy it here.

15. Maison Margiela Replica

Most perfumes are pretty, but Maison Margiela perfumes are classically gorgeous. The supermodel of the perfume world, reminding us of a Parisian boutique, the scent is reminiscent of summer and salt and is the perfect winter to spring transitional fragrance. Buy it here.

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  • Sea + Terra

    Gorgeous line up! I wish I could afford to buy Aesop more often (or any of these, haha)! Their products are so lovely.


    I have a replica perfume and it’s beautiful!! I love how it looks, and the scent of them is the best!