14 Home Decor Tweaks That Make A Huge Difference


Making small tweaks to your home is so much easier than you thought. You don’t have to do a full makeover on your apartment or house to make a massive difference to your home. With the right objects in the right place, you can fully feng shui your apartment and take your drab room into a light, bright, airy space.

Here are fourteen small (and affordable) tweaks you can absolutely make to your home this month that don’t break the bank but will make a huge difference to the styling of your space.


Once a day, put your clutter in a basket


The first thing you need to do is get some savvy organization tools in your home. This rattan basket is to die for, it’ll really bring the summer vibes to any apartment. Keep it in your living room for magazines, or on the kitchen side for fruits and knick-knacks. Buy it here.


Buy new containers that brighten up the room


Who needs a boring sugar container when you could have these? Completely on-trend with their constellation theme, these pots will upgrade your kitchen in no time. Buy them here.


Let clutter have its own specific place


There’s a reason Mrs. Hinch is so popular right now. Organizing your apartment has turned from a chore you put off into a routine (who hasn’t bought Zoflora?). Now you just need to get the organization tools to make your clutter-free dreams come true. This marble organizer is perfect for your bathroom surfaces, those creams and nail polishes that clutter up the sides. Buy it here.


Keep your jewelry in a folder


One thing that’ll make your home look cluttered and unorganized is your jewelry. When it’s all in a drawer or knotted up, it can make you feel chaotic. While this is a strange suggestion, getting a jewelry organizer like this one can elevate your bedroom. You simply close it up and all your jewelry is safely in one place. Genius. Buy it here.


Mist your room before bedtime 


Room mist is everything. Spritz this in your bedroom and be amazed at how much better you sleep, because honestly, the best upgrade you can make to any room is the scent! Buy it here.


Add a metronome to your house if you struggle to sleep


Bring the right tech into your home if you want to upgrade it. This metronome is the perfect sleep aid that you’ve never thought of. The Dodow device has a calming metronome built-in and will help you get that restful sleep. Buy it here.


Add more plants to your house


Hanging plants will upgrade your apartment massively. Not only will it improve the air quality, but it’ll look amazing too. Get this luna hanging planter and tackle two trends in one. Buy it here.


Get a file organizer for all your bills and papers


Acrylic folders look amazing on any desk if you have a home office and a shed load of papers, get this file organizer and sort your life out. Not only will it help make things smoother, but it’ll also look invisible on the desk. Buy it here.


Infuse your home with a positive scent


The Vitruvi diffuser is everyone’s fave, ceramic and beautiful, this will spritz smoke into your room and create a beautiful scent in any room. Buy them here.


Add acrylic accents to organize your essentials


Elevate your desk space with a desk tidy. This acrylic one is perfect for everything you need to do, and again because it’s see-through it will take up less space and looks amazing. Buy it here.


Tidy up your brushes in style


Makeup brushes rolling everywhere? Use this rose gold pot to keep everything rolling around on your desk together and add a little sparkle to your life. Buy it here.


Add a touch of luxury 


Alright, so this diptyque diffuser is seriously next level. As a talking piece, it looks so expensive but it’ll diffuse your favorite scent up into the air and into any room you want. Buy it here.


Stop losing all your rings 


Super popular, this ring dish is simple but pretty. It’ll make all your loose jewelry look like a flat lay from Pinterest, rather than a cluttered mess. Buy it here.

Gold accents add a touch of class


So you want to tidy all your clutter away into a basket? This gold one is so beautiful it works as a standing piece alone, but when filled with things you love – it’ll look even better! Buy it here.



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