14 Inspiring Quotes To Write In Your Planner Right Now


Planning your perfect day with the Getting Stuff Done planner is easy, it helps you stay on track of your daily plan, track your meals and self-care, and create one productive, balanced work day. Every single day starts the same way, with the date and a quote of the day.

The reason for this is to inspire you and give you a boost of positivity before you settle down to smash your daily plan. But you need to make sure every quote you write is a positive, productive one. If you need a few ideas, we’ve got your back…


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This quote by Nelson Mandela really says it all. Are you a winner? Well, it’s time to turn your dreams into goals if you really want to win. You need to decide that you aren’t going to give up, no matter how tough it gets or whether you go off track slightly. You’re a dreamer with your head in the clouds, but if you want to become a winner, don’t give up on those dreams and make them a reality.


J.K Rowling is the epitome of a success story, you only have to see how many rejected manuscripts she had. Remind yourself that anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve, you just have to go out there and get it. Hold your ground, stick to your guns, have some nerve and try to stand up in the face of rejection or adversity. If you believe in something, stick by it. This quote should motivate you to try anything you want.


You might want to give up with some of your personal goals or dreams, it will get tough. If you’re going for something you want, whether you’re working out or building a business, this quote is a reminder not to give up, no matter what. Don’t stop until you’re proud, this is a great quote to start the week off with, write it in your planner and repeat it out loud.


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Throughout our lives, we always put limitations on ourselves, thinking that we aren’t capable of doing things. I know better than anyone that sometimes your own fears and doubts can stop you from living, but what you need to realize is that you can do the things you think you cannot do. In fact, you should do the things you think you cannot do, and prove to yourself that anything is possible.


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Estee Lauder’s quote hits home for sure, dreaming about success is great, but working for it is completely different. Working for it will get you ahead if you want to make a difference and be like one of the most successful women in the world. Stop dreaming, start doing!

Oh, you’ll be creative with your excuses, of course, it’s always the way. When you’re working towards something, there are always excuses. But what’s important is that you have to be stronger than them, always. You have to decide that you’re not about to let your excuses make a difference, you’ll keep working on it. This quote is perfect for starting your day.


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