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14 Terrible Excuses For Not Starting A New Business

Your 9-5 is weighing you down. You look longingly at your friends who have started businesses. You’d love to join all your entrepreneurial friends, but you have your reasons. That’s fine – just make sure they don’t include these 14 terrible excuses for not starting a new business.

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#1 I don’t have enough money

Not all businesses require much overhead to start. The online world has made it cheaper than ever to build a worldwide presence with a few dollars per month in web hosting fees.

#2 I don’t know what to do

This is a real problem – if it’s real. Buried within you is a passion. You love doing something. Turn that into a business!

#3 Someone else took my idea

Competition is a good thing. It means your business is needed. A slightly different spin on the business or more expansive service offerings will make your business shine.

#4 I don’t want to work long hours

Starting a business can mean long hours – but many entrepreneurs have very flexible hours, too. Being able to get a pedicure at 3 pm might offset the long hours.

#5 I can’t sell anything

While you’ll have to sell something (even if it’s just a service), there’s a difference between selling make-up and selling a needed service to a well-defined target audience. You might not be a good salesperson – until it comes to something that you’re invested in.

#6 I’m terrible with money

First of all, don’t sell yourself short. Use a good bookkeeping program. When your accounts get too complicated, that means you probably have enough money to hire an accountant!

#7 I’m not focused

Right now, you might be daydreaming at work, but it’s different when the business is yours. You’re likely to find laser-like focus you never knew you had.

#8 I like having benefits

Successful entrepreneurs make more money than if they worked for someone else. Their added income makes up for missing out on employer-paid benefits.

#9 I like having someone tell me what to do

Sure, work is easy when you have a boss that keeps you accountable. Work with a business coach or accountability partner instead.

#10 I would miss the social aspect of my current job

Instead of having an office social life, turn to networking events. You’ll meet new people and also gain valuable business contacts.

#11 I don’t know the first thing about running a business

Few people know what they are doing when they start their business. Start researching – and get going.

#12 “So-and-so” failed when they tried

You are not them. Your business is not theirs. Learn from their mistakes – don’t be scared of them.

#13 I’m too honest

You don’t have to lie; integrity is a hallmark of successful entrepreneurs.

#14 – I’m not organized enough

It’s true that you’ll need to develop a system, but this is your chance to design a system that works for you.

Written by Kirsten Whittingham 

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Beth is the managing editor of CGD and lives in London surrounded by piles of papers and highlighters. In her spare time she has conversations with dogs and writes short stories.


  1. Rachel Ang says

    I love this post so much!!! so much truth!!!!

    Rachel x

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