15 Pieces Of Career Advice Every Young Woman Needs

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Sometimes all you need is a piece of great advice to help you get through another day of work, if you’ve got big ideas and are trying to climb the corporate ladder, these pieces of advice will help you do just that!

1. Believe in your own ideas

Believe in your own ideas, if you can’t sell them to your colleagues, your employer won’t want them either. So if you have an idea burning in your belly sell it with conviction and show others how passionate you are about it.

2. Know your worth

Know your worth and demand what you deserve. Nobody else will speak for you, so be confident and know that the language of business is sometimes tough!

3. Build relationships

Being friendly and cheerful towards the people you’ve worked with may come in handy one day. Who knows when you might need to ask one of them for a favour or rely on a connection you’ve made? If they’re already friendly towards you then they’ll be more likely to help you out.


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4. Study the people around you

Seeing how your colleagues do things will help you learn new approaches, and widen your perspective of how things are done in the office.

5. Dress to impress.

Power dressing will work well for you, people will take you more seriously and look to you for advice if they respect you and the work you do.

6. The job is only as perfect as you make it

Sometimes the perfect job doesn’t pay well at all or has enough excitement, sometimes the co-workers can be too cliquey and your whole idea of

7. Don’t chase money.

In your early years, chasing money might land you in the wrong career in the long run. It’s better to work your way up and have an end goal in sight, know that you might not be earning big money when you’re young, but the work will be worth it!

8. Say yes.

Saying yes often will let you truly find your strengths and show your employers and colleagues that you’re a positive person, willing to take on challenges. You test the waters, you would never know what you’re capable of.


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9. Don’t expect to be praised

As long as you know your own worth you’ll be okay. In the corporate environment, nobody is going to hold your hand or praise you for all the little things you do. Knowing your worth is crucial to being confident and independent in the workplace.

10. Don’t question yourself

If you believe in your decision, it’s worth the risk. Trust your instincts and follow your gut whenever possible, if you know you’re desperately unhappy in your career but are too scared to leave, listen to your gut and don’t let your brain take over. Do what you know is right.

11. Put your foot down

Sometimes you need to put your foot down and say no. Unfortunately, you will be taken for granted if people think you won’t stand up for yourself, don’t go overboard but be aware that if you think you’re being treated unfairly, you should stand up and say so.

12. An office isn’t a family.

Getting too attached to your workplace can hold you back from other opportunities, they may be the best people you’ve ever worked with, and if that’s true, you can still meet up outside of work.

13. Know your team

If you want to succeed it’s important to look into the company and understand everyone’s roles. Being self-sufficient is a great quality but if you know and value your team then when you climb the ladder you’ll have a greater appreciation for those on the office floor.

14. Save your hobbies for play time

Being paid to do something you love might ruin it for you, and make you regret your decision to put all your eggs in one basket. Sometimes the things you love are better left to your free time.

15 Ignore the impostor

Everybody gets impostor syndrome now and again when they feel like they’ve got their position based on some fluke and that they’ll be found out as an impostor. It comes from the feelings of inadequacy that everybody gets, even the CEO will struggle with these feelings from time to time, so just ignore those feelings and carry on!

Armed with these pieces of advice, you can go forward confidently and know that you’re on the right track to getting your dream job!


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  1. I think that these tips do not apply only to young women. Very good advice for all generations of women, thanks to the reminder!

  2. Perhaps the most important advice for young women is to understand the tradeoffs that come with career choices. The truth is you can always get a job, but the most important of life’s opportunities only appear in early youth.

    I provide a simple roadmap for today’s young ladies to know about before making those fateful career decisions.


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