15 Things you learn about dating in your twenties

Being in your twenties is the perfect time to learn a lot about yourself and relationships. These are the years you are growing into your own person, adjusting to the new world of adulthood and being exposed to things you never have been exposed to before.

Today I’m sharing my experiences and things I’ve learnt about relationships in my twenties.

#1- Understand there’s is a difference between men and women



#2 – Learn self-respect



#3 –  If you think he’s just not that into you, well then he probably is just not that into you



#4 – You can’t always listen to everyone’s advice, you have to go with your gut


#5 – Casual sex can and will be fun, but the eventual love making can be even better


#6- Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me


#7 – Don’t try and be someone you’re not


#8 – Trying new things and having fun is the best way to figure out what it is that you want


#9 – Not every relationship you get involved in is going to be “the relationship”



#10 – Looks are far from everything

rachel pretty


#11 – You don’t need a boy to define you



#12 – Your past does not define you, but it can teach you valuable life lessons



#13 – Heartbreak will never get easier, but you will learn how to manage it


#14 – Looking for love is the surest way to never find it


#15 – Always choose deep and simple over  shallow and complex