20 #Fab Coachella Inspired Festival Outfits

Fab Festival Outfits
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We’re still calming down from all of the steamy photos coming out of Coachella these last few days and they’re about to kick off with another weekend! As sad as we may be about not being there, were delighted to see all of the fab festival outfits hitting the stores. Bring on the beginning of festival season! We’re SO excited for all of the amazing festivals coming up that we’ve gone and searched the world wide web for you again and have picked out our fave outfits and accessories. This summer we’re feeling: bright colours, mismatched prints, standout bags, loose T’s with short shorts, flowing dresses, high hemlines and bold backpacks.

#Coachella Style

#20 Fab Festival Outfits

Are you hitting any festivals this year? Which are your favourite festival picks? Let us know in the comments below!

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