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20 Simple Things You Should Do Now To Make Your Life Better In 5 Years

20 Simple Things You Should Do Now To Make Your Life Better In 5 YearsUnfortunately nobody has invented a time machine that will allow us to jump five years ahead and ask our future selves what we’re up to. It’s annoying, but I guess we should all start doing these simple things so we can make sure that our future selves are exactly what we want them to be. Well, until they invent that pesky time machine, that is.

#1 Be healthier

Eating right and starting a good exercise routine will help strengthen and feed your body for later on in life. Check out our meal plans and exercise routines if you’re looking to start making small changes.

#2 Listen to advice

Other people will have advice for you, take note of it even if you don’t follow it. It’s important to use the experiences of people around you to learn something.

#3 Be kind

Being kind to people around you might lead you down the path to success, it’ll earn you a reputation as a trustworthy, nice person and people will be more likely to befriend you, invite you out and talk highly of you to others.

#4 Cut down sugar

Everybody likes a sweet treat now and again but the amount of sugar you eat now might damage your body later on and make you susceptible to diabetes. It’s best to be safe, so do a test with your GP to see if you could do with cutting down on your sugar intake.

#5 Enjoy yourself

Enjoy yourself now, because in five years time you might not have the time or energy to do all the things you want to do now. Don’t feel guilty about going crazy every so often, youth is for the young!

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#6 Make connections

It’s important to network every so often, find out if there’s someone you could be learning from in your career path and get talking. Even if it doesn’t work out right now, you have five years to grow and build upon those initial connections you’ve made.

#7 Save money

Thinking ahead, saving some money now may make a huge difference in the long run. Hitting your long-term saving goal feels great, and having some extra money to play with when you need it means you can treat yourself every so often!

#8 Get a hobby

If there’s something you’ve always wanted to try, or something that you simply love doing, make time for it and let that hobby grow. Don’t give up your hobbies for your career, because you need to have fun on your downtime, too.

#9 Travel

Travel now, while you’ve got the chance, and embrace different cultures. You never know how travelling will change your life, it may change the path you’re on or put you in touch with new people that can help you on your road to success.

#10 Look after your skin

Taking some time to look after your skin with a weekly moisturising mask and some gentle toner will pay off in the long run, everybody wants smooth skin, so why not start now. In five years time, people will think you’re five years younger! Result!

#11 Stay safe in the sun

Honestly, as well as being super dangerous and causing skin cancer, the sun’s rays are the most ageing thing you can expose yourself too. If you want beautiful skin use sunscreen when the sun’s out, and even if it’s covered by a haze of clouds. Using it as a base to put your make-up on may seem strange because it’s quite greasy, but with a blotter or pore reducing balm the shine just disappears and you know that even if the sun comes through, your skin will stay smooth and ageless.

#12 Pamper yourself

A good way to motivate yourself to keep going is to make sure you’ve got enough time to pamper yourself, indulge in all the routines you like to keep yourself feeling good, whether it’s a luxurious haircut, eyelash extensions or a cute mani-pedi.

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#13 Have deep conversations

Don’t be afraid to have controversial and deep conversations with your friends, learning other people’s beliefs and views is a great way to build up your knowledge of people and strengthen your friendships.

#14 Do favours for people

If you do favours for people, they’re more likely to help you out when you need it. Don’t help people solely for the fact that they are obliged to help you, but do keep in mind that one day you might be in trouble and you’d like someone around to help you out the same way you’re helping out others.

#15 Do things that scare you

It’s all part of embracing this wild, crazy, life. Doing the things that scare you can open your eyes and convince you that the small stuff really isn’t worth sweating over. It can also give you a huge boost in confidence, especially as these years may be your least confident ever.

#16 Set a 3 year goal

Within five years you will have hit or missed that three year goal and you can look back over it and assess what went right or wrong. It’s important to keep checking in with small, attainable goals, so give yourself a year to get in shape, and three years to advance the career ladder. If you hit those goals sooner, go you!

#17 Make a vision board

We’ve posted about this before, a vision board can help you see what it is you truly want for the next five years of your life, and motivate yourself to get those things. It works on the premise that you choose images that reflect the life you want to have, and keep the board somewhere you can see it every day. Read our guide to vision boards here.

#18 Work a little every day

If there’s something you’re working towards, chip a little bit off it every day. It doesn’t feel like you’re doing much but in five years time all those little chips will add up to a huge dent, whether it’s doing a little exercise, saving up a little money or writing a paragraph of a novel.

#19 Meditate

Meditation is crucial for a clear head, for better mornings and evenings, and for less stress. If you want to have a better five years, start the habit of meditating now. You’ll learn to strengthen your confidence, find your inner beliefs and keep a cool head when things get tense.

#20 Journal

Keeping a journal can be invaluable to your personal growth, write down your thoughts, fears and feelings and don’t be afraid to be honest. In five years time, when you look back on your original journals, you will already have developed and grown so much as a person that you can reflect on the things you worried about in the past and learn more about yourself.

You won’t need a time machine if you do all these little things, the future you should be happy, healthy and successful!

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  1. Lauren says

    These are such amazing tips, If I look back to 5 years ago I am much healthier but I wish I’d had more focus on what I wanted to be involved in – I definitely believe a time machine is in order hahaha

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  2. Jessy says

    This was an awesome post!! :) fortunately, I’m already doing most if the things on to list. Including cutting on sugar. Lately I’ve been trying to eat less sweets and since then, my skin has been behaving so well you wouldn’t believe!! :)
    Being kind is also a great one! It’s so great when you can make someone smile, isn’t it?

    Xoxo Jessy

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