Month: March 2015

Silhouettes of People at Outdoors Music Festival

CGD’s Guide To Festivals Around The World

Festival season is coming up and we are loving it! We started the season with Ultra Miami, and there are many more to come! Nowadays there are so many festivals worldwide, that you can literally spend your summer festival hopping.The atmosphere, people, music and of course festival outfits make it way better than clubbing. The CGD girls cannot wait for …

beautiful free stock photos

Beautiful Free Photos: 4 Amazing Tips On Where To Find Them

Using photos on your website is a powerful way to communicate your ideas. Whether you want to cover the latest fashion trends or share your passion for beauty, finding beautiful free photos can sometimes be frustrating. You need to make sure you’re using them legally and optimizing them so they’re working for you, not against you. Today we’re sharing CGD’s …

The smart girl's guide to superfoods

The smart girl’s guide to superfoods

Superfoods are marketed as miracle health foods, with super powers that can prevent cancer and increase blood flow, and while some of the claims are true, there often isn’t enough evidence to prove that eating a significant amount of a certain superfood will even do you any good. Here are five fantastic superfoods you should eat and the well-researched health …

The three step plan for a minimalistic life

The three step plan for a minimalistic life

It’s the 21st century and we have too much of everything, we’re busier than ever, with more opportunities and more distractions than ever. More choices, more options, more things to fill our shelves with. It can be overwhelming, and trying to cut back on these things can be even worse, so if you’re looking embrace minimalism here are three simple …


Let The Summer Begin: 6 Sunglasses Trends For 2015

While the temperatures are unfortunately still way too low to even call it ‘Spring’ season, we are getting ready for Summer. We can’t wait for long sunny days, beach weather, salty air, and tropical cocktails. Relaxing at a beach club with your perfect summer dress, sandals and of course killer sunglasses! ”Putting on a new pair of glasses or sunglasses …


Bring It On, Spring: The 10 Hottest Outfit Ideas

Despite the grey weather outside, Spring has finally sprung. The stores are filled with new must-haves like flowing skirts, beautiful coats and lace-up sandals.  Take it from the street style stars and make your own wish list to celebrate the long-awaited return of sunshine! What are the hottest trends for spring? Keep scrolling to see the fashion pack in action!  

Young redhead woman holding pink balloons

One little word that could change your year!

We’ve all heard of ‘Yes Man’, the fun-filled, feel-good film starring Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel, but did you know the true story behind it? Danny Wallace’s memoir ‘Yes Man’ was based on a year of his life where he did nothing but say yes to every offer that came his way. It sounds farfetched, but there are some reasons …