Month: July 2015


8 Easy Beauty Secrets You Don’t Know Yet

We constantly absorb new information, beauty tips, and tricks from everywhere, whether it is browsing Instagram and Pinterest or reading our favourite magazines. Though we all know that busy Career Girls don’t always have time for that while doing super important things with their lives. That is why I have searched through the internet for beauty secrets that that you may …


10 Ways To Have A Happier Work Day

Oh we all have those days when work just drags on, when you’re just not in the mood to deal with your tasks, superiors and co-workers and every little thing that comes up just ticks you off. Whether it’s hormonal or you’re just having a bad day, here are 16 ways to a happier work day. #1 Identify the source …

7 Signs That You Are Hitting Your Quarter Life Crisis

How to Stay Calm In Frustrating Situations

In modern-day life, especially in the busy, vibrant lives of us Career Girls, seemingly sticky situations arise which make it easy to become stressed, frustrated, and just simply exasperated. Letting this frustration get to you can lead to angry outbursts, high stress levels, and overall, a terrible situation for all involved. Although you can’t avoid the frustrating situations that come …