2016 Is Yours! How To Create A Vision Board That Will Help You Get The Most Out Of Life

2016 is almost here and we are so excited for it! A new year, new chances, new adventures and the best time to create a new vision board to get the most out of your year. Vision boards are simply amazing! They help you to focus on your goals, help you see what you are working towards and always give a huge motivation boost to keep going.

So make 2016 yours! We made you a little guide on how to create a vision board that will help you to get the absolute most out of the new year!

Step 1

What is it that you want, what are your goals and what do you want to achieve? Those are the things you need to make visual for yourself.

So get yourself all your favorite magazines (or take the big pile you already have) and gather all the images that make your dreams and goals visual. There are no limits to this, so just have some fun while you are going through all those magazines pulling out the pictures, phrases and words that you want or like and make it a big pile.

Step 2

Take your big pile of images, phrases, and words and lay down your favorites on the board and put away all the images that no longer feel right.

What you can do now is put the images, words, and phrases that could form one theme (e.g. Career, Lifestyle or Relationships) or categorize the different areas in your life that you want to cover and place the images in their categories. Another way would be to put the images all over the place or to make it more into a story. Personally, I prefer the theme vision board, but there is no right or wrong in this and it is just personal preference.

Step 3

Glue and stick everything together and add some writing with a thick marker if needed. Add some words of empowerment to yourself or some of your favorite inspirational quotes that will motivate you even more or help you refocus whenever you are feeling unmotivated.

Step 4

A good way to visualize what it will look like when you achieve all your goals and dreams is to leave a blank space in the middle of your vision board where you place a nice picture of yourself. This is a really powerful way to make it more real, and will give you an extra power boost as well whenever you walk past your vision board.

Step 5

Your vision board needs to be a constant reminder for you of what you are working towards. Therefore, it is best to hang your vision board in a place where you will see it often. You can’t get enough reminders of your dreams and goals and it also really helps to get motivated and empowered again whenever you feel down or need extra motivation.

  1. I love vision boards but I haven’t made one in ages! Cool idea about adding a photo of yourself, I guess that helps make a mental connection between yourself and the other images. My biggest issue is where to display vision boards. Maybe I’ll get a big frame so it looks neat but I can switch out the images easily…
    Lucy xx

  2. I love this idea! It’s the perfect thing to craft before the new year so you can set goals for 2016! Starting a folder on my computer now to save quotes, images, etc!


  3. It really does motivate! I am still busy creating mine for 2016, but already can’t wait for next year to start haha x

  4. This is what you should keep in your mind if you want to be that person who you believe in :) I’ve been started to work on my own projects long time ago, but just now I decided to make my own web site, where I can present my works and find business partners and just to be more successful step by step!

    Thanks everybody who work on this web site! I found inspiration here!

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