The Life Plan: How To Design A Happy Life For 2018


Every year we make a long list of all the things we want to achieve but never complete them. But you know what, if you make this year all about being happier and more accomplished, it won’t really matter if you do get those goals smashed because you’ve planned your life goals and you’ll feel free like the year is truly yours!

We all get so caught up in the little things, it’s time to break the cycle and create a life plan that actually makes you happier!

Step one: Get a great planner

A life planner like the Getting Things Done planner will help and push you to accomplish more, remember more and plan more. This planner not only has space for your to-do list, but also for your me-time, it lets you track your water, your daily meals, how much exercise you’ve done, how much money you’ve spent and more. And will keep you super organized!

You will find yourself fitting plans into your life that you couldn’t before. Just writing things down can instantly make you feel more organized and in control. The feeling of ticking things off can give you the ultimate sense of relief, and by writing down your meals and exercises you’ll feel well-rounded, motivated, and happier! Buy it here.

Step two: Ten things you would change

First things first, take a deep look into the past year and ask yourself what wasn’t successful, or what could have been better. What would you change if you could? You may not be able to change it now, but you can definitely learn from it for next year. Create a list of all the things that went wrong and start coming up with action points on how you’re going to improve them.

This task has the potential to be quite negative so don’t get caught up creating a list of things you don’t like about yourself. Be kind, we cant be perfect 100% of the time, what lessons did you learn?

Step three: Create your ‘Happy List’

Write down what made you happiest this year. Most likely it was achievements and little things, imagine if you had time for more of that? Make a second list of all the things that will make you happy in 2018, whether it’s experiences, people, or achievements and stick to your ‘Happy List’ religiously. Often we get bogged down with other things, bury our heads in work or school and forget that there’s a life around us. Simple pleasures bring happiness, the joy of a good book, the smell of the autumn air. Experience everything.

Step four: Break your comfort zone

As they say, New Year, new me. Not only will 2018 be a new and improved year, it could also be a new and improved you. Write down a list of things you’d never do because they scare you. You can already see where this is going, right? Meeting new people, jumping out of a plane, whatever it is (as long as it’s safe) try to do just ONE thing from that list next year.

Not only will this be incredibly rewarding, it will also improve a new self- found confidence in you, leaving you feeling that you can handle any challenges thrown your way.

Step five: Write down your crazy dreams

Do you want to step up your career goals? Buy a house? Be bold and big with your goals for 2018, because anything is possible. If you start outlining those big crazy dreams now you might just make them happen. Grab a pen and paper and write down the biggest, craziest dream you have for 2018. It seems impossible, but to achieve it you need to break it down into action points – what can you do now to make your dreams happen later?

Just knowing you have big crazy dreams that you want to achieve will give you something to smile about. Put your crazy dreams somewhere you can always see them and don’t get negative if you don’t get close to achieving them, be positive, know that one day – it’ll happen for you.


What are you planning to achieve this year? Share it with me in the comments, I love hearing your big dreams…


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  1. This is a great article! But I just want to point out that Step 2 and Step 3 are the same header “Create your happy list.” Was that on purpose?

  2. Great list! For 2018 I want to take more risks and create the life that I want for myself. 2017 was pretty rough for me so I definitely want 2018 to be better. 2018- the year the I have a total girl boss glow up?

  3. These are really awesome! I always write down my “bests” and “worsts” for the year but I also really like how you made a happy list! I’m definitely going to try it!

  4. I love the way you broke this down into actionable steps – I’m going to keep it and reread it with my daughters so they can begin to implement these steps in their way, too. *raises glass* Here’s to a fabulous 2018!

  5. Some great ideas here. I love setting goals for the New Year! It’s always nice to reflect back when the year is out too to see what you did and didn’t achieve that you wanted to. Can’t believe 2017 is nearly over!

    Layke x

  6. This seriously uplifted me more! And shows there is hope! I love this to start off the new year! Great Post CGD!:) Thanks for it!

  7. Love the article—I’m highly recommending the Life Design Planner! Women are calling it heartful, practical, supportive, life changing, and even “the best planner I have ever seen.” Find it at

  8. I have to say, there are a lot of articles like this online this time of year, but this one has solid actionable steps. And it didn’t feel like the same advice I read on every other blog about goal setting. Great job! I’m off to make my lists now.

  9. I am definitely am going to try this and go through the steps. I could really use a great plan for next year!

  10. I like to set short goals for a week and month. This can be done quite conveniently in iSmart.Life app. You can also create tasks and link them with goals and then track the progress of the goal. This is a very simple and free web app. I recommend try it.

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