For a second let’s think about anything great that’s been achieved in the past year. I’m talking about a brilliant movie you’ve watched, a book you read that you couldn’t get enough of, acts of charity, speeches, things that moved you, and the things you wished you’d thought of first.

I can guarantee you that they all have one thing in common. A plan. I know, it sounds fairly obvious, but most of us forget this. When we think of a plan, we think of our short-term goals, we think of our daily to-dos and ticking things off, one by one. Which means we probably feel a bit overwhelmed. If you’re anything like me, your to-dos include work, working out, being healthy, and trying to keep your house organized and your friendships intact. It’s sustainable, of course, but it’s not practical. It’s not healthy to live from one to-do to the next feeling like you’re not accomplishing anything. Which is why you need to take a step back and plan not just for every day, but for every month too.

Every truly great thing that’s been achieved has come from a long-term plan. A plan that sees past the day-to-day and into the future, one, three, five years from now. That’s why we created the Goals 2019 Year Diary because while we need to get into the minutiae of daily life, we also need to see ahead if we want to be successful.

Take the Harry Potter approach

One of the most read books of all time was in the works for years. It’s a success story most of us know, J.K Rowling worked diligently on the books, crafting seven years of life in Hogwarts before the first book was even published. She has notes and maps, character arcs, and more scribbled down to help her flesh out a book. She never published one without knowing in some general form where she wanted the rest to go.

Similarly, think about the next few years of your life. Have you even thought about what your 2019 goals might be? Or have you thought about leaving it until December rolls around and you need to make a New Year’s Resolution? We know resolutions don’t work (hardly ever!) because they’re so short-sighted. So it’s time to plan your life ahead of time right now. The Goals 2019 diary will let you write your monthly goals and track your to-dos in the back pages too. So you’ll have no excuse to start thinking about the future and becoming the best version of yourself.

Start your game plan now

Ok, so I’m going to deliver a hard truth. You won’t get what you want from life without a long-term plan. This is just how it is because you need to take steps towards success way in advance. You need to know what you want to do at least one year from now. And I’m not talking about dentist appointments here, I mean big dreams, goals, and meaningful steps towards changing your life.

I learned something very important the other day. The most successful people already know where they’re going to be in a year’s time. In terms of their goals, they’ve already deadlined it and put it in the calendar. Using short-term goal tracking and planning to make sure they’re on track for that one big goal. The most successful year I’ve ever had was one where I took the time to properly plan where I wanted to be. I went from unemployed to working with Career Girl Daily in the first few weeks it was established. I took the time to give myself a goal and a challenge, and I stuck with it. It can be hard to remember, but it’s important – plan ahead!

Don’t forget the little things

The Goals 2019 year diary starts from September 2018 because it’s important to start planning your life ahead of time. You can see your month at a glance and fill in important weekly events, meetings, and deadlines. Then turn the page to go into details of your day.

Of course, it is still important to plan hour by hour, which is why we included it in the Goals 2019 Year Diary. While you can flick through and give yourself goals, dreams, plans, and deadlines, you should also be able to write down what you’re doing day-to-day and also, how it’s helping you become the vision of success you had when you started. Every month fill out your monthly goal section and keep reminding yourself that truly great things come from planning ahead properly.

Live a controlled life

Successful people are not afraid of responsibility. They are not afraid to be in control of big things, their own lives included. They never blame outside factors on a failure, because nine times out of ten they’ve already accounted for it. They put it in their one-year plan and thought about what would happen if it failed, considering this, they know how to create success from failure because they’ve foreseen it already.

While so many things in life throw us curveballs, your own success and goals should not be a surprise to you. When you make it, you should be able to say you worked hard for it. And if you don’t, you should have a backup plan. Open your Goals 2019 diary and flick ahead, you’ll find your monthly goals section ready to fill in. Plus, you can put in a handy little reminder in the form of a stamp, sticker, scribble, or highlight about your deadlines. Whether it’s getting in shape, getting your dream job, or starting your own business. Once you put it in the calendar, it’s real.

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