21 Life Skills You Need To Call Yourself An Adult

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When you reach a certain age, you are expected to know how to ‘adult’. This includes learning skills which you never really needed as a child.

I brought up this subject with my friends recently which led to a whole conversation about skills we ourselves have had to learn as we hit our twenties, which included things such as; going on holiday without parents, waiting in the doctor’s office alone and ordering your own food in a restaurant.

So, I decided to compile a list of things that all teenagers should have a go at learning in order to be capable adults by the time they reach their twenties.

1. Paying Bills

Ugh, you aren’t an adult until you’ve received your first bill.

2. Arranging appointments

Yep, we call for our own doctor’s appointments now. Sometimes.

3. Being responsible for yourself

For example, managing your finances, making appointments, making plans, calling people and staying in touch.

4. To be able to build your own furniture

Assembling IKEA flat packs is easier than it seems, and once you’ve done it you become instantly attached to the piece.

5. Budgeting

It sounds like the world’s most awful thing, but it only takes a few steps.

6. Surviving a hangover

Water by the bed, paracetamol within arm’s length, sleep and breakfast.

7. Being punctual

If you’re still always late, you need to sort that out. Part of being an adult is getting up earlier and sacrificing your lie-ins to be one of the first in the door.

8. Being independent

Similar to being responsible for yourself, you need to be confident enough to attend parties on your own, go shopping without a friend, live alone. Independence can be scary, but it’s not so bad.

9. Learning how to DIY

If you watch YouTube videos on how to fix a blown fuse you’re an adult.

10. Learning how to cook meals for yourself

Moving away from pasta is a win.

11. Handling yourself overseas

See the world, hold your own passport! You’re an adult, now.

12. Knowledge of current affairs

It’s hard to keep up with everything that’s going on in the world, which is why news round-ups will be your best friend.

13. How to change a tire (I still can’t do this!)

If you have your own car you should know how to fix it, and what every error that flashes on your dashboard means.

14. How to stick up for yourself

When things are unfair or someone is shooting you down, you need to know how to stick up for yourself but not lose integrity.

15. How to do taxes

Taxes are scary but necessary. So you should look up some info on the internet if you’re confused.

16. Learning how to say no

It’s important that you don’t establish yourself as a ‘yes girl’ so say no once in a while.

17. How to look after and love your body

And we don’t just mean detoxing every once in a while, we mean learning what your body needs and giving yourself a break.

18. How to ace an interview

It’s tough, but it can be done. All you need to do is research and practice your interview manner.

19. How to set and achieve career goals (#lifegoals)

Part of being an adult is organizing your life, figure out what your goals are and go for them.

20. How to prepare eggs in at least two ways 

If you’ve mastered poached eggs, you’ve mastered life. Put them with avocados in the morning and yum.

21. Knowing how to love who you are

Hopefully, you can tick a few of these off of my list and finally call yourselves adults!

Let me know any other life skills you think you need before adulthood in the comments!

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  1. If you start with #5 you will be able to control the rest of the list of 21. Put #5 in big letter on your bathroom mirror. BUDGET. Remember, to spend less than you earn.

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