21 Of The Most Beautiful Planners And Notebooks To Organize Your Life

Now online: 5 Tips on how to become a successful young woman! (Link in bio)The CGD Team is obsessed with planners and notebooks. It makes your life so much easier if you have everything written down and know what you have to do or just to quickly write something in your notebook that you must not forget.


By planning your days effectively, you will be able to kick procrastinations butt. We have written tons of articles on planning because it is so important on our roads to success. If you are not sure how you should plan your days or you are a little chaotic like me, start by reading this amazing article with 7 simple steps to become incredibly organized. It goes without saying that planners and notebooks are essential in the life’s of most Career Girls, and luckily for us, they don’t have to look boring because there are tons of beautiful notebooks and planners out there. We selected our 19 favorites for you to enjoy during your Sunday evening.


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